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  1. On 1st September 2010 I purchased a Land Rover from a local dealership (not a Land Rover dealership) for £11,200 cash purchase; I had, ten days previously, put a deposit on the car allowing plenty of time for a full service and clean. I had used the dealership previously - and happily - but didn't know that it had changed hands (and not continued its membership of SMMT). After five days, during heavy rain, water began flowing freely down the front passenger and driver seat-belt housings. I also noticed oil on the road where the car had been parked. The car went in to the dealership's garage for repair on an oil leak and water ingress but the repairs were unsuccessful; it went in for repair three more times for the same faults, again without success. During a very heavy spell of rain, water began dripping into the rear of the car from the sunroof. After a heated exchange the md of the dealership said the leaks had been repaired and there was nothing further he would do. I rejected the car by phone on 14th October and on 1st November in a recorded delivery letter, giving ten days for a response and citing SOGA. I received a reply, eventually, in which the original two faults were acknowledged but not the third (and most expensive). The dealership said the only remedy it is willing to consider (after I suggested several alternatives) is diagnosis of the faults by a LR garage and then repair by its own workshop. My confidence in the dealership's ability to fix the faults after four attempts is nil and an admitted inability to diagnose the faults suggests incompetence. What are my responsibilities with regard to allowing the dealership another go at repair when I've already rejected the car? The stress is making me ill as I run a small business and need a car urgently; I haven't used the car since rejecting it.
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