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  1. I have PM'd a couple of mods asking for my thread title to be changed, if any read this b4 it's done cal you change it to I WON at the end thanks
  2. Don't worry, I will. thanks for all your help. u r a gem!
  3. No conditions either I have requested a mod change my thread title. thanks to the folks that helped, I couldn't have done it without the forums. A little donation will be on the way.
  4. Well, I posted too soon, checked my account at 4 oclock! and... I WON... they paid in full.
  5. Well, now we are down to 4 working days and still not a peep or penny from SCM!
  6. Yes certainly, make the court aware that SCM haven't complied with the court order!!
  7. t the same time I started my claim against Lloyds a work colleague started one against HSBC, He got a settlement as soon as he put his N1 in!
  8. Well, 5 working days left to court and still haven't heard back from SCM! What kind of things should I be getting ready to say in court?
  9. check my thread, andy ross v lloyds the letters are on there
  10. Then you write to the judge asking for their evidence to be struck out for not complying with the court order. See my thread (andy ross v lloyds) I didn't get any papersd, when I called SCM they told me they hadn't had any instructions. You won't get any, they aren't going to supply them.
  11. My court date on 23rd, I had an offer with conditions and not including interest last friday, sent a letter rejecting it and asking for the interest to be included but not heard anything back as of today.
  12. Still nothing more from SCM, if I don't hear anything tomorrow I will start putting together some notes etc, just in case.
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