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  1. Hi, About a year ago I bought a Sony Ericcson Satio Vodafone contract with Phone4u from their store in my local town. £40 a month (this was my 1st mobile phone contract). The next day, I realised my mistake at making this purchase due to my current financial situation (loss of job) and so went into the phone4u shop to with the phone still packaged and undamaged, I stated I had made a mistake and asked for a refund. They then said sorry but we've introduced a new in store policy stating that we will not give refunds and they said that I would have to wait out the full 2 year contract in order to cancel. When I got home I made various phone calls, Vodafone told me that they were fine about me cancelling the contract but phone4u wouldn't allow it. It is now a year ahead and my finances are getting slim. Is there anyway I can cancel the contract or reduce the monthly cost down from £40 a month? Thanks, Marcus
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