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  1. Hi there, I have received a parking tickets that Im sure I should not have got and hoped someone may be able to point me in the direction of a template to challenge it please? many thanks
  2. hi there, its says penalty charge notice....
  3. hi there,looking for a bit of help please... We recently went to liverpool and parked in a council parking lot..paid £6 for a 3hrs stay, put the ticket on the dash and left... When we came back we had a parking ticket from the council! I sent in a letter along with the ticket and hoped that would be the end of it, however they sent a letter back, along with a picture, saying the ticket was not visible to the attendant (must of slid down??) and therefore Id still be charged £25 or if I didn't pay within 14days it'd be £50...A) Do I have a case to make against this?? b) Isn't there and act unde
  4. A county council have just treid to charge me £25 for requesting under the freedom of information act to see documents... is this correct??
  5. Still got this on going problem with Nat West. they first of all said that I had agreed the ppi and they sent me a photocopied/Standard cert of insurance out (with an amended hand written date on the top??) though after i requested to see the document relating actually to myself, they said they didn't have my document due to time... .I said how could they send me supposedly my copy of my Cert of insurance when you've now said you haven't got it?? They sent back saying - ' *the policy was provided on a 'non-advised' basis and no recommendation as to the suitabi
  6. Ive requested some information under the freedom of information act and have been ignored, not dismissed but ignored! haWhat can i do about it? Are they in breach of the law?many thanks
  7. Hi there,Bit of an unusual one that hopefully someone could help with?I have recently found out a limted nationwide company that I took an expensive course with to gain qualification, would appear do not have correctly qualified assessors however they are stopping me from earning a living from outside employment. I have asked the company to produce documents showing their assessor competence and have been completely ignored since Nov 2012.It would appear any assessment is opinion only so when I have challenged the assessment criteria the assessors seemingly have been passed in-house by casual
  8. As they only sent a photocopy of a standard credit card info sheet, undated and not linked to me, I told them that I was not made aware of the ppi and that could they forward a copy of the sheet/form relating to me personally.. .They have written back stating 'they do not have my application due to the passges of time' but are still denying my claim. Could anyone advise as to my next step?? thanks in advance for your help
  9. Hi there, looking for a little advise please. I opened a bank account with the nat west in 2003 and attached to the account was a mastercard which having recently looked included a ppi which i didnt ask for .I have recently written to nat west and requested this back, using a template of this site, however they have just got back to me (looks a pretty standard letter) saying they've denied the claim and stating 'the policy came with full cancellation rights and you missed the oppertuity to cancel within 14 days etc.etc' Is this correct? They taken nearly £5000
  10. would it/they not cancel my existing policy? (Dont want them to do that..)
  11. Hi all,after a little advise if possible pleaseI have an interest only mortgage at the moment and I was wondering would I be able to claim back ppi, even though the mortgage is 'live'?
  12. Hi there,Not sure exactly if this is the right place to get answers but hopefully somebody could help me?Ive recently paid a lot of money to a limited company in order to attend a course and gain a specific qualification however it turns out that the assessor has no external qualification, passed no assessor course and is only 'in-house' appointed. Im concerned about this and ive raised it to the company however they have just given me the brush off saying 'they can assure me, its ok'. Doesn't seem right to me so when I asked for any proof of competence, they didn't not provide any. Would they
  13. Hi All, I have an account, which Ive had since 1998 with the Nat West Mastercard and Ive noticed they have chrged me ppi without my approval etc. How do I go around to requesting this back as Ive seen all the adverts and had a few calls from companies ofering help, can I not do this myself? Any help you could offer is appreciated
  14. Hi there Does anyone know if there is a time limit on a debt being enforced please? Ive had a letter through from cabot saying I owed money from 2004 but I know I dont owe this debt at all so im trying to figure a plan of attack and Im sure I read somewhere about a limit on a debt cus Ive tried to reasonably explain its not my debt but these iditos just wont leave me alone! thanks
  15. Hi All, Hoping for a little help please? I have had a dispute with Barclays bank over some money which I do not owe and of course they sent a debt firm after me, I followed the advice on here and asked them repeatedly to send me the cca etc. After quite some time and them failing to do this, I hadn't heard anything from them for a while. I today however get a letter from Barclays saying they have sold the debt now to another debt firm and they will contact me etc, etc. I seem to remember reading somewhere that if a debt firm fails to provide the paid for and reques
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