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  1. Thank you all for your information and details, I will have a re-read through all the paperwork this weekend and double check all the details. I am yet to receive a call back from the Solicitor.
  2. Unfortunately we got burnt paying out lots for surveys on other houses which the lender ended up not even agreeing to lend on, I think we were dismayed by them and out of pocket a fair bit by then and everything 'looked' OK on this house. First Time Buyer mistakes I know. I did still expect the Solicitor to pick something up, I mentioned it to one of the other Estate Agents and they thought they should too and the original Estate Agent mis-represented it. However they thought the price we paid even for a 2 bed house was reasonable so we might not have an argument based on paying
  3. We have had two valuations... One says it isn't an issue and they will let people know... One says it can't be marketed as a 3 bed but we might have issues with a Surveyor anyway... Though it all passed the Surveyor / Valuation for our mortgage?!? Now I'm confused.... Still waiting on the Solicitor to call however....
  4. I'm afraid we did not have the survey only the valuation one done by the mortgage company.
  5. Many thanks for your reply, I do in fact have proof of the original advert stipulating the 3 bedrooms and the loft conversion. I have no recollections of ever being informed by the agent or my Solicitor as to the lack of building regulations. (Zoopla has an archive section with oast sales and adverts etc) Does this change things?
  6. Firstly apologises if this is in the wrong section. We purchased our first house almost 2 years ago, advertised by the Estate Agent as a Three Bedroom and with the blurb stating "...en suite to the master bedroom and converted attic/bedroom three...." Our solicitors did not raise any concerns and we thought everything was fine. Fast forward two years and due to circumstances we are now looking to sell the property, the Valuator for the Estate Agent asked if we had the completion certificate for the loft conversion. I called the Council to request this...nothing.... no detai
  7. New Pic, sorry didn't spot that. http://tinypic.com/r/24cfi52/8
  8. Simply because I found this one when I searched earlier and didn't have time to upload my own. Will do so in the morning, sorry if I has caused any problems
  9. I genuinely passed through a car park twice in one day, the parking company had sent me a letter showing an image if my first entry with an image of my last exit. As there was 8 hours in between they claim I stayed unpaid for that time. So far I have ignored all letters since I know they are trying to pull a fast one. Now I have a letter from Gladstone and wondered on advice how to proceed? The letter is the same as this but with LCP rather than MET. h t t p://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=346me6r&s=8#.UySlYRlFDqA
  10. Could you please comment on your reasons?
  11. I have no evidence I am afraid. I have now received a Notice to Keeper. Is ignore still the best idea? I read some other forums that state things changed October 2012?
  12. I have received a Parking Notice from LCP. I play a geocaching / geolocation game Essentially go to within 50m of a GPS location, press button on phone and go to the next. One of these sites is easy to access from this LCP car park. Drive in, turn round, drive out. No stopping involved. The particular day I did this twice. Once in the morning and once in the evening. What the company has done is couple the first entry time and photo with the last exit time and photo and say I didn't pay parking between the two. Do I email and explain and tell them to go bother som
  13. I recieved another letter from control account plc today. Made me laugh, this one is titled "Act Now - This won't go away" Really?? Haha
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