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  1. That's good news, let see how they now manage to get round estoppal.
  2. The bottom of page 36 they are almost stating defat on the DN and claiming arrears to date however the arrears due are only to the date of the DN as per Woodchester and no DN prevents a right of action anyway.
  3. Just adding the Particulars of Claim from the court. Removed Now that says that the default notice was served 4.3.10. Now this one I actually paid the arrears and brought the account back up to date. Coincidently, I think this one is incorrect as it says we must pay the full amount not just the arrears? I have attached it below Removed Any thoughts please?
  4. I have received a money claim from Nationwide re a loan debt for an agreement taken out in April 2008 that we have struggled to pay following the colase of my business. The money claim was put into the court 22-12-10, the postmark for the paperwork 30.12.10 and it arrived yesterday 7.1.11 so I don't have long to deal with this. I'm posting a copy of the default notice because I think they have messed up the dates. Default notice was 26.8.10, date to rectify breach was 18.3.10 Question is what should I do next?
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