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  1. That must have been very satisfying. It seems that while most of us would like to stop shoplifters etc., Sainsbury's are training management and staff to assume everyone is there to rob them. If they carry on with this attitude I am sure that they will drive honest people elsewhere. Although the manager I spoke to was very helpful and pleasant, things she said confirmed Sainsbury's views. It's worrying.
  2. Just in case you are still reading "twinkles123" I suddenly know exactly how you felt after your Sainsbury's incident. Today I had a very minor problem that was dealt with appallingly, and I agree that it leaves you with a very bitter taste. In my case I was accused of "scanning but not depositing" a coupon for 30 extra nectar points in a self service scanning machine. I must admit, that is a crime I have never previously heard of, but apparently is a massively growing [problem] among certain classes of people. The fact is, when you deposit the coupons, they often stick
  3. I would like to make people aware that there are Argos vouchers out there that will/have expired before the date printed on the back. These are the £10 cardboard vouchers often paid out for incentives etc. I had around 16 of these £10 vouchers that were dated to expire on January 2017, and when I urgently needed something from Argos I tried to pay with these, and one by one they were rejected. The lady serving me spent an hour trying to help, but couldn't. The manager didn't want to know, eventually I paid with the vouchers that were valid and some later dated ones, and after tryin
  4. Thanks for all the feedback... don't worry I've sorted it myself.
  5. I believe Cookworks is Argos's own brand for kitchen electrical goods. I have used their kettles for years and am usually lucky if they last much longer than 12 months, but at the price, that is fair enough, they get a lot of use. I also have a Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer which cost £19.99, 22 months ago. So it is out of guarantee, no problem there, but it has hardly been used and has just broken in a dangerous way. The basket and handle are joined by a metal and plastic mechanism that relies on a very small piece of plastic to lock them together, and that piece of plastic has sheered straight
  6. syorks

    Non delivery

    Yes you are probably correct old_andrew. Argos have changed dramatically recently. Not too sure any other retailers are any better. What really annoyed me was then when I finally got through to Argos just before 8pm on the day of (non) delivery, the lady I spoke to "pretended" to go and check with the delivery company, and came back to confirm it was definitely going to arrive. The delivery company has given me written proof that the parcel was back at their depot by that time, and programmed for redelivery the next day. They have also told me that the driver recorded no problems that da
  7. syorks

    Non delivery

    I've had many things delivered by Home Delivery Service on behalf of Argos without problem. However last week they let me down. I urgently needed a new laptop and ordered for a specific days delivery - the only day I could be home for quite a while. The e.mail confirmation was for Noon to 6pm delivery, but I waited in all day as somewhere else 7am to 8pm were mentioned. At 6.45pm I rang Argos, and asked if the item was not now coming as I needed to go out. I was told that there was zero chance of it not coming. The delivery drivers ALWAYS complete their deliveries, even if it is very late. S
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