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  1. Agree, I think checking tyres at the time of purchase is said to be buyers responsibility
  2. Speak to a accident specialist solicitor, you sound like you have a case and may be able to get no win no fee
  3. Have you tried going through the channell setup in the digital menu.. may work
  4. Hi all Some advice needed, I have a Job interview coming up for HSBC, now i also have a CCJ on file from 2005, which is SATISFIED and was also obtained through no fault of my own, long story short.. my car insurance company failed to pay out to a third party after a claim, the third party eventually put a CCJ on my name, finally after a year of phone calls my insurance company satisfied the CCJ) Any way i understand that by law banks cannot employ people with CCJ's.. now is this the case even if has been satisfied which is the case for me? would explaining that the CCJ wasnt my fault help at all or is it a simple case of if you have a CCJ then no job by law? My credit rating aside from this is very good, i have never defaulted or missed payments on anything. Also do not have any outstanding debts and a decent amount of savings Thanks in advance for the help
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