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  1. I appreciate your response and take on board what you say ,and i do appreciate stating other guy `clearly wasn't the best person for the job` is most certainly opinion and for that i apologise. I am already applying for external roles ,but would prefer to stay and get on at my current company ,i respect that they aren't under any obligation to consider me ,but my gripe is being asked to interview on merit (involving lots of time and effort) and being sabotaged by my current manager from getting the job because he doesn't want to lose me to a rival department, this just doesn't seem right ,,
  2. All facts and no conjecture or opinion from me ,,the company I work for have recently restructured and openings have become available within other departments which I have applied for, the latest of which I was informed by 3 colleagues (1 management) who was `going ` to be successful,, and this was duly the case (despite the applicant being 45 minutes late for the interview, and clearly not the best person for the role).This is probably starting to sound like sour grapes but hand on heart isn't, now ive been informed that my manager and his immediate superior asked for 2 people not to get this
  3. agreed but having come in from opposite direction these cannot be seen .
  4. Firstly thanks for replying , I`m none too hot with all things computers ,and have spent most the day reading up on how to post/link pics (only to discover i have nt got enough posts to do so ,doh!) apologee`s in advance for that. ok ,,alledged offence happened on queen street sheffield approx 15/20 yards before junction with ,tenter street . 53°23'4.91"N 1°28'16.87"W co ordinates taken from google earth and have to say the signage and markings (or lack of them!) hasnt changed from that 2008 shot ,,there was a damaged sign post next to my car (with no sign on ),and a
  5. as subject says recieved pcn46 in town today ,,,no signage or road markings . if im at fault i will pay but definately no signs or road markings(otherwise i wouldnt have left my car there),am i at fault?, advice greatly appreciated.
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