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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. It's hardly cosmetic damage of it's down the middle of the screen and effects the image being displayed (due to the cracked anti reflective coating). In a common sense world, cosmetic damage would be to the surround of the unit, not the screen itself. I don't see how anybody could put a case together to say a crack on the anti reflective coating doesn't effect the working of the product. It effects the working of the product because it affects the image the viewer sees. Now maybe Whatever Happens people can legally get out of it, but to me it's pretty obvious it's not cosmetic damage.
  2. Hi there Thanks for all the replies. Well we don't have pets and are extra careful around the tv. Considering there are always kiddie prints on it, I would have thought it was a cast iron certainty. I don't really want the tv taken away for weeks if they aren't going to fix it. Our oldest would not be happy with no cbeebies for weeks! The infamous Whatever Happens "abuse or misuse excuse" is surely just a con for them not to pay out. How is a scratch on the screen not accidental damage? I can understand that when a tv has "fallen down the stairs", but not scratches. They've been on Watchdog many times for this sort of behaviour. Maybe I should call them up and ask.
  3. Hi there I've got a Pioneer plasma which I purchased from Dixons online in March 2008. The Coverplan 3 year warranty expires in March next year. I've got two little kiddies who have managed to scratch the screen in my opinion quite badly. There is a scratch which I can feel with my figure which is approximately 10/15 centimetres down the screen slightly off centre. When watching light backgrounds it's particularly evident to me at 7 ft away, and even more so when playing games on the ps3. However it's one of those things where if you don't realise it's there, you may not see it; but it particularly bugs me. I see it almost all the time. Will coverplan/whatever happens fix this for me. I've got a whatever happens brochure in front of me stating if you didn't have their cover, a plasma screen would cost £1500 to repair; suggesting they will cover it. The tv still works so where do they draw the line? I know from research that it's impossible to repair scratches on the anti reflective coating without replacing the whole plasma panel. So effectively it would cost almost as much as a new plasma. Any ideas, much appreciated? Thanks
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