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  1. MikeW001 - That was a really nice thing to say. Many thanks. If I've given anyone any help in dealing with that 'company' then my time has been well worth it. From what I've seen on the internet Performance Trade Centre has closed 'business'. I'm not sure what's happened to Northampton Autosports. I do know they closed it, started trading under Performance Trade Centre and then closed to reopen again as Northampton Autosports. Regards, and thanks again to CAG for being there. Holyjoe
  2. Hi Lucy-yate, Just to let you know that I had the same problem with them and I ended up having to go through court to get my money back. He closed the business and set up again under Perf. Trade Ctr. I now understand that he's closed that one and reopened Northampton Autosports. Dodgy as.... Check out the threads for both names here to get some background info. If I can help in any way, please contact me. Regards and good luck Holy
  3. No problem, buddy. Let me know when you're ready. Make sure you keep EVERY receipt, no matter how small!
  4. Many, many thanks, BazzaS. This forum has a way of allowing worriers to sleep at night If possible, I really don't want to return the vehicle. I've had to spend a lot of money getting it roadworthy so I could use it as I didn't have the money to replace it. The car sat idle for 8 months while it was going through the initial CCJ. Once I believed I wasn't going to get my money I decided to repair it. I'm going to make a few phone calls tomorrow, but I'll definitely be taking your advice on board. Many thanks again. Holy
  5. Hi Guys, Well, when you think it's finally over.......... I just got back from holiday to find a registered letter waiting for me. Can I be bold and ask again for your assistance? According to DCBL the writ shows no requirement for the vehicle to be returned and they believe he's just trying it on. Please note, 1) Northampton Autosports did not reply to any correspondence from either me or the court last year. 2) The company closed during the time I was taking them to court and they opened Performance Trade Cars two units away. 3) The court transferred the debt to
  6. Sorry, buddy. It seems we have had the same problem with the same person, so it was just to have a gossip. Please be assured that we will keep this thread up to date if there's anything relevant. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want us to get our "frustrations" out on here
  7. Hi Guys, An update for you all who have been giving me . After contacting solicitors and CA who didn't have a clue on how to progress and therefore getting absolutely nowhere, I decided to contact DCBL. I phoned, completed a form sat back and waited..... today they got my money. For ignoring all court documents and letters, and letters from DCBL, they ended up paying in excess of £4000 including all costs. However, it doesn't stop there. Within half an hour an owner of the business and a 'secretary' were at my home! They were demanding that I hand over t
  8. Cheers, BazzaS for the information. The home address listed on the link is the same as I have! However, it's really strange that this particular notice was published in 2010, but he closed Northampton Autosports last year and opened two doors down as Performance Trade Cars. It seems opening and closing companies is a regular thing for him! When I contacted the Sheriff's Office they said they can go on the last known address, but if it's not correct there's not much else they can do. For someone like me with no knowledge of legal routes etc. this is a real minefield! I can't und
  9. Hi Guys, Well after contacting a few places I can't seem to find the guy's home address so I can transfer the debt to him personally. CA and the Sheriff's Office all say that I can't get that info. Without it though I'm stuck. Any ideas, please, please, please? Many thanks in advance I've got one address, but how do I know if it's current? I'm certainly not going to sit outside it and wait for his return
  10. Cheers for the info. That's the N244 application is the one that I've got, but the Sheriff's Office and the Money Claims Centre both quoted me £255. I've tried finding the price online but I haven't found it. Plus I'm not too sure if I'll fill the form in correctly Cheers again Holy
  11. Hi Guys, I finally got some time off to deal with this. I just contacted the Sheriff's Office and they've told me I need to complete a N244 form. This is an application to the court to transfer the name. The cost for doing this is £255 with no guarantee of success Do I continue? I was awarded the original judgement because they didn't bother replying to any communications from either me or the court. Does it sound in my favour? Any experience with a transfer of debt by anyone? Cheers again, guys.
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