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  1. Royal Bank of Scotland have said on your bike regarding my bank overdraft charges but if the public now owns 70% of the bank why cant they refund me 70% of my charges as its the taxpayers that saved there jobs
  2. Soad

    Egg % Rate Increase

    Egg credit card has increased my rate of interest from 21.9% to 26.9% and all they say is please check your credit report. Yes I know I have a poor credit rating and I am trying to sort that out but things like this don’t help matters I have never had a late payment as it’s a direct debit but have gone over the limit a few times but they charge for that anyway This is not fair it’s robbing the poor again What can I do?
  3. I have various credit cards with high interest with large amount and can only afford just over the minimum, if I asked the card companies for a special deal such as a lower rate do you think they might help or tell me on your bike Thanks
  4. I have a Hotpoint fridge freezer ordered online from Kitchen Science which is 11 months old so it is still under the manufactures warranty Over the last few months the freezer has not been working as good as it used to but I just put this down to the hot weather but its now started to get worse so I contacted the supplier where I purchased the fridge freezer and they arranged for a engineer to call The engineer knew exactly what the problem was it took him 6 minutes to get the serial number and show me what was needed on his laptop a modification. Hotpoint have issued a modification for this problem to bad design As this is still under warranty I am right in saying that I am entitled to a full refund or a replacement and do not have to accept the modification
  5. Some jobs provide added healthcare while the rest of the employees have the NHS this to me is not fair and health should not be based on your status or income but the same treatment and medication should be available to all of us regardless. For instance somebody at work with this benefit of added health care had cancer treated privately using exclusive drugs and my mum who also had cancer was with the NHS and these drugs are only available for private use and the work college is completely cleared and cured of cancer but my mum unable to have the “Extra healthcare “hence she died This is unfair and unjust
  6. When are prescritions going to be free in England like the rest of the UK?
  7. Checked my statement and have another £272 in charges so I called the branch manager and she did not care in the least at least dick turpin wore a mask
  8. I went over my overdraft limit which means they bounced a few direct debits and cheques and now they have given me a total charge for the month of £212 How the hell can you get out of your overdraft if they charge this amount which is extortion I called the bank and questioned this and was told by some woman that there is nothing the bank can do as even the employees get the same charges which cannot be waved Is the government going to stop the banks from helping themselves to our money or at least charge a realistic amount because £38.00 for a bounced DD is not fair
  9. I have gone over my overdraft limit and have had 3 charges or £28, £35 & £38.00 I know the credit cards have reduced there charges to £12.00 when are the banks going to reduce there charges because this is extortion
  10. Is it worth asking the credit card company if they could reduce the interest rate on my balance outstanding ? If so is a template letter available
  11. I sent this email to Beko I purchased exactly 2 years ago (to the day actually) from my local Comet a BEKO fridge freezer Yesterday it started making loud gurgling noises in the morning now the fridge is warm and the freezer is not working and defrosted and thus destroying the contents As this looks as if it is either ceasing to function correctly and is probably uneconomical to repair what can you offer me under the sale of goods act 1979 I did not purchase any extra warranty as one expects an appliance to last more than 12 months as under the sale of goods act a product is expected to last for a reasonable amount of time And got this reply Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear of the problem with your Beko Fridge Freezer. The Beko warranty covers repair costs carried out by an authorised Beko engineer within the first 12 months of purchase. Unfortunately as your appliance was purchased in 2006 this is not something that we can help with financially. Unfortunately it is virtually impossible to diagnose what the fault is on any of our appliance with out actually inspecting them first. You can contact the engineer that we contract out to repair our appliances under warranty on telephone number. (I bet this would be chargeable to me) Your contract of sale is with the retailer from whom you purchased the appliance and any further assistance will need to be directed to the retailer. Kind regards I then called Comet customer services and explained this to them and they said they would have to send an engineer at a charge of £30.00 just to confirm its not working correctly. I don’t want to waste £30.00 just for Comet to says your fridge is not working that’s obvious, What about the small claims courts route I think that’s about £30.00 Any help or advice appreciated
  12. I was led to believe that Payment Protection Insurance was compulsory and I was not asked whether I had any other insurance
  13. I am trying to claim back PPI from Capital One as mis-sold and they have refused and stated that the material sent is clear and I should have cancelled in the 30 day cooing off period This is their final response
  14. Sorry about the bold text tried to change it but somehow couldn’t I am also sure that when I called to activate the card they recommended that I have the policy hence ticking the box
  15. Never asked about existing health related issues such as chest and heart related problems which I have Already covered with a separate income protection policy from my employer providing an illness and redundancy package
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