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  1. OK... Not quite sure where to start this but here goes. I had a very turbulent relationship with an ex girlfriend and she's been in contact with an accident claims specialist saying that she was my passenger in a car accident and that she has whiplash. There was never any accident. She claims that the accident happened over 300 miles away in a place I've never been before. No other party to which I was supposed to have had a collision with and my car was off the road at the time although not S.O.R.N. as it had tax still. The solicitors are demanding £5300 in compensation. I've tried to explain to them but they will not listen. They are asking for my insurers of the vehicle, which there are none as my car had been sat on my driveway as I could not afford to maintain it. I keep getting letters and I'm unsure what to do next. I would be grateful of some advice pkease Regards Concerned
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