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  1. Hi, I've been sent a claim form from Hoist finance UK Holdings, after speaking with them I believe it's with Robinson way. I dont recall ever being sent a letter of claim beforehand, the debt is a Barclaycard and the amount if around £1500. Speaking to robinson way they are unwilling to negotiate with me and simply told me to return the claim form. Is there anything I can do to avoid the CCJ, I'm happy to arrange a payment plan with them and certainly would've if a letter of claim was sent. Thanks
  2. Ok here goes, the letter states: 27 Jan 10 - £516.61 - Issued by the council to Jacobs 17 Mar 10 - Sch 5 Head H - £24.50 17 Mar 10 - Walking Possesion Agreement - £12 17 Mar 10 - Levy £41 19 Nov 10 - Van £95 Also at the bottom it has my payment to the council 16 Nov 10 - £516.61
  3. Quick update: I've sent the letter for the breakdown of costs, they've sent me a letter back but not details what bailiff was present and certificate number. Now they have posted me another letter today saying they are coming tomorrow to force entry with a locksmith to remove goods as per WPO, as well they will levy goods when inside against a new balance (this years council tax which I fell behind with, I will pay this off with the council next month when I get paid) Also the fees on the letter have doubled as they include removal fees.
  4. I see, he has given notice, the usual 24 hours and I'm coming with a locksmith letter. But as far as I know he hasn't got a court order or the councils permission. I can't remember whats on the WPO to be honest, I shall check. I remember it being a laptop (Which he said he coun't take due to data protection and some other stuff, tv, sofa etc non on finance)
  5. Thanks I will do this. In the meantime I'm worried he may try and enter my premisis under the Walking Possesion Order, can he do this just for fees?
  6. I honestly couldn't tell you, probably not, I was trying to sort the issue with the council direct so wasn't taking notice to their letters, he may have been before the van visit and posted a letter.
  7. These were all charged on the first visit: £24.50 1st visit £12 WP on the 1st visit £41 levy Then the van charge was a couple of weeks ago according to the bailiff. The council say the account is now clear. Can Jacobs use the walking possesion order for their fees?
  8. Hello, I am being chased by Bailiffs for an outstanding council tax bill. The orginal bill was £516 which this week I paid direct to the council. Jacobs are now chasing me for £172.50 fees, rather silly of me, I did sign a Walking Possesion order in March. Fees are: £24.50 1st visit £12 WP on the 1st visit £41 Levy £95 Van (no goods removed) Can I ask for proof they hired a van? If they had a Walking Possesion Order and hired a van why wouldn't they use it? I will have to pay tyhe fees but I've just paid £500+ and cant afford to pay the fees straight away. Also I will need to check if the bailiff was certified.
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