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  1. I can always get a copy newspapers always keep records bu I would have to troll through the archives to get it, how would that help?
  2. I dont know i cant see it on the decree and I hve no other letters other than 2 chasers. When would this deree become SB I still dont live at the address they are writing to. Also what is a CT Demand? Another thing I heard was that the DCA had lost their licence for a time after this and only recently regained it, does that have any bearing on the matter. Plus the fact they listed the debt and my name in a local paper and announced they were looking for me that was about a year before the decree.
  3. When you say start from scratch what would happen about the time period being 8 years is it no longer statute barred. I dont even really know what this debt is truly for I guessed it was a credit card as it has HFC on the letter but I have NEVER had ANY documents not a thing I dont even know if the DCA really owns the debt. What reasons can it be Set Aside?
  4. Your absolutely right. Also, In their letter there were quotes from that thread plus a comment about not beleiving everything you read on the internet. Thats why I wont put too much info on here or upload any docs, if someone is willing to help privately I would welcome that as I am panicking now and thinking about going into hiding
  5. My OP was asout jurisdiction, which had been answered. But then someone (you) reopened the debate by saying it would never happen. Not long after you posted that I got sent a copy of the decree I knew nothing about. I do have a new problem because of this that I will start a new thread later, all I was doing was pointing out that they do pursue you in Scotland and go to the courts. TBH I dont know what a decree really is; is it exactly the same as a CCJ? My main worry now thogh was the advice I was given here on CAG was wrong. Based on the advice given here, I sent an SB letter and that gave them a confirmed contact & location. They then sent a copy of the decree, so i'm a little bit down right now. There is No Paranoia, your advice was wrong and in front of me right now is an extract of the decree for payment that JWD Financial Services were awarded the sum was only £1947.80 at the bottom it shows they used Glasgow based Turner Mcfarlane & Green as their scottish legals.
  6. Do you guys know that they are members on here as they were able to refer to comments made by me on this forum. They have sent me a copy of a decree they were awarded in a Glasgow sherrif court in 2007 at an address I used to own as a buy to rent but never lived at, in Glasgow. They only told me about the decree after I sent the the SB doc from here. They were also awared interest at 6% per annum, I think they got the decree before they lost their licence, I dont know if that matters. Funny thing is I was living in England at the time near to their offices with an ex girlfriend but I cant prove that.
  7. currently reading but not found anything to say its ilegal
  8. But surely its against the law to pursue it in the first place once the time has passed? Also can anyone answer the defaults question above, can the still place defaults on your name 8 years on before you tell them about the statute bar?
  9. TBI Financial Services Ltd is a debt collector sorry I thought everybody knew them
  10. If I had debt which occured when I lived in England but now I reside in Scotland who's jurisdiction is it where would any court case be held?
  11. Is it legal for TBI Financial Services to stick an advert in your local paper telling everyone they are looking for you because you owe them money?
  12. Can anyone tell me why these companies pursue debts for years past the 6 year time limit if they know they are statute barred? It doesn't make sense to me.
  13. Sorry I didn't understand your comment. As to sending them a letter Wouldn't that mean having to contact them to get the account details? They are not likely to hand that info on over the phone so they'll want my address and eerything before giving me the account details Also would they still be able to put defaults up on my credit reference
  14. I have just had a call out of the blue from T8I Fin Svs, Luckily it wasn't me that answered so they got no info. But here's the thing... I HAVE NOT OWNED OR USED A CREDIT CARD OR HAD CREDIT FOR OVER 8 YEARS? Now they are probably chasing a possible default on a credit card from 8 years ago from when I was in England. I now live in Glasgow and have never heard about this card from anyone until now. ARE THEY ALLOWED TO DO HIS? I thought debts became time barred after 5 years in Scotland 6 in England. If the card was taken out in England and I am in Scotland where is the jurisdiction, where can they take me to court? C O A C H
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