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  1. Hi newstarter, Thanks for your advice. With regards to 'buying him out', what value could I put on that, bearing in mind that the property is in negative equity? The deposit I paid was 10% of the purchase price. Could I therefore buy him out for 5% of the purchase price? I also wonder if the mortgage company would allow this as I have a modest income and live outside of the UK. He has threatened court action but I don't think he can afford it as he is effectively living off his family and myself. Regards, Mary Fairly
  2. I have a property with my ex partner which has been solely funded by me. The deposit was raised from equity released from my previous property and I have solely paid the interest-only mortgage for 3+ years now. The property cost 400K, and is now estimated to be worth 300K. He has been living in the property since we split, 6 months after buying it. I live in a different country with my parents and our young son. I have not received any child maintenance from my ex. I have not pursued this through the courts, as he has never worked and as I understand it, I’d only be entitled to 11% of his sala
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