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  1. Congratulations Brother! :) You got back YOUR money - but, be careful with it this time!
  2. I got a flat refusal to refund any money! In fact, the dosy bank replied to both my Preliminary Lettera and LBA on the same day! It was tempting to write a nasty letter back, but actions speak louder than words - MoneyClaim issued today!
  3. Got the standard snotty response to my LBA, not further offer. Moneyclaim just issued this evening, the total value of the claim has now increased from £200 to £263.38. More fool BarclayCard!
  4. Hi Linztez, It took me quite a while to work out how to calculate the daily interest rate on the moneyclaim form. Use the speadsheet in the Bank Templates folder to calculate the total interest first, then for the daily interest, use the following calculation: 0.00022 X the amount of your claim = daily interest rate I found it in the FAQs and that's how I did my moneyclaim. Good Luck!
  5. had a letter offering £351 today!! the difference between "25 and £12 charges!! sod off letter in post tonight wanting full settlement! suprised they responded after the prelim!
  6. Look brother - my signature is finally showing some hard cash!
  7. Still no reply from bank, LBA goes on Monday, this time, I will send it to Customer Services as well as local branch.
  8. I've just read your article in the Mirror. The story and the fantastic picture of you beaming in front of the Nat West Bank has made my day. You really deserve this win, I'm so happy for you.
  9. Yes! The web site is down. I'm in the same position, was just about to file my first claim against NatWest - very frustrating isn't it.
  10. I received a partial offer of £80 on 24th July. They must think I'm going to give in! I waited the full 2 weeks from the preliminary and just posted the LBA today.
  11. I can't get into moneyclaim this evening too. Is anyone else still having problems?
  12. Received my statements and totalled up the charges: £200. Posted my preliminary approach letter on 15/07/2006 so just waiting for my first "bog-off" letter now!
  13. Finally received my statements today after having to have sent 2 DPA requests and made 4 phone calls! Totalled the charges up to £523.20 and have posted my preliminary approach letter to my local branch today.
  14. I received a years worth of statements for 2002 and no others! I waited another week as previous posters have said they sometimes received there's in 2 batches but none came. I phoned them again and was told they were being posted that day. 4 more days have passed and still nothing! I will give them till Friday before phoning again. There 40 days still aren't up to be fair, but it's very annoying when they tell you they're being sent that day and they don't arrive.
  15. Just thought I would update you on my previous post! 2 or 3 days after sending that email, I received a phonecall from a very nice lady at Next. Unfortunately, I was out when she called, but she left a very nice message and was very apologetic about what happened and said she had called because she wanted to speak to me personally, to resolve this matter. She sent me an email stating that the account would be closed immediately and that the credit agencies' records amended accordingly. She also said she would send me some vouchers as a good-will gesture and was very sorry about the "poor
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