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  1. Apologies, have been out of the loop so not been able to get on here. I had been paying as part of a debt management plan that I had agreed with several creditors, I stopped paying as I changed bank accounts and hadn't setup new direct debits. I did get letters for a while but due to financial reasons I couldn't really afford to continue paying anyway. I also realised that their letters seemed to be more sabre rattling than actual threats so had forgotten about them.
  2. Cheers dx, I've never SARd them so have no copies of statements and can't find my originals. Is it better to pursue the charges via SAR and then decide whether to find out if they have a prescribed application after dealing with that?
  3. Just had a look back and my last payment to Lowell was two years ago.
  4. Hi there, not been on here for a long while. Have had a letter out of the blue from Lowell on a Lloyds credit card account that was defaulted in October 2010. Obviously this is about to drop off my history but obviously as they've renewed their interest in me I'm wondering my next move. Their reason for contacting me was to offer me a discount of 75%, now this obviously smells to me of them not having a prescribed agreement (the card was taken out pre 2007). I've had a look through my papers and it seems that for some reason I have never claimed charges on this account. Now I can obviously type up a CCA to see what they have, as I said it has been a while so on top of the actual signed agreement what else should I expect? With regards to sending a SAR am I still able to claim charges this far back? Any links to templates would be gratefully received! (I'm a bit rusty in here) Thanks in advance...
  5. Right, I'll get the SAR off in the post then and also get in the loft and see if I can find evidence of my own. They mentioned that they will send a cheque for £48 as a gesture of goodwill, does this suggest them trying to buy me off?
  6. Will that bring forth copies of statements from before the 2001 cut-off they told me about?
  7. Whilst at University in the mid to late 90s I held a graduate account with Lloyds which on graduation had to be changed to a standard account. As with most students I had built up quite an overdraft and was told by the gentleman I spoke to in my branch that a standard account wouldn't be suitable unless I could reduce my overdraft to a level which would be allowed. Clearly I didn't have the funds to make such a payment so was 'offered' a gold account as that would allow me to service the overdraft without a problem. Fast forward to now and I have recently written to Lloyds to complain about being mis-sold the gold account, in my opinion I was not given any other options due to my status and felt that I was pretty much pushed into taking it out. I have just spoken to a complaints manager who has pretty much turned down my complaint. The reasons for being turned down is their lack of account information previous to 2001 and that I downgraded the account to (I think) a classic account in 2010 before closing my account in 2011 meaning that (in their opinion) they don't need to uphold the complaint and do not need to investigate further. What are your thoughts on this? If I can find statements going back to the opening of the account do you think I will be able to pursue it further? Thanks in advance.
  8. Cheers dx
  9. Is it best to both CCA and SAR them or will the SAR include the agreement aswell as statements etc?
  10. Last payment around the middle of 2009 I think, got into a cycle of failed payments until the account was defaulted.
  11. Card was taken out in September 2006.
  12. Cheers, will get them in the post on Monday. Should I also send a prove it letter to Marlin?
  13. Hi there, Have recently been receiving letters from Marlin regarding a Barclays credit card debt, now I'm assuming this is regarding an Egg card that I had and was subsequently sold on to Barclays, I had completely forgotten about this debt and the contact from Marlin came somewhat out of the blue. The debt has obviously been sold to Marlin as my credit file shows the Barclays account to be satisfied, I have paid Marlin a nominal amount to try and keep them quiet and deflect the danger of CCJ but they still persist in sending letters and are constantly telephoning me. I'm thinking that I will send them a prove it letter as the account number they had in the letter introducing themselves meant nothing to me and did not tally with the original Egg account, should I also send a CCA to Canada Square Operations? Obviously I'm not answering calls apart from when I suggested that all contact with me should be via letters. Anything else I should be doing.
  14. minmoo and leopard lady, as others have said here, don't call them, you will generally be speaking to someone who can't really help you, make all your correspondance by mail. With regards to your worries, firstly DON'T worry I was in the same boat as you around 18 months ago and over these past months I have grown to understand that the credit card companies and their 'in house' legal departments are full of hot air. I've had periods where I have been unable to pay some of them anything and all that generally happens is that they inundate you with phone calls and send you threatening letters (I've had the same threat from the same company about four times now and still they've not gone ahead with their threatened action). So don't worry about them, just concentrate on paying your mortgage, Utility bills and council tax, your other creditors can be paid pro-rata with money available to them, and if that means they get £1.50 then so be it(I have one creditor who never accepted my offer of £3.00 but I pay it promptly each month and apart from the odd phone call that I don't answer I get no grief off them. You would be wise to give CCCS (Consumer Credit Counselling Service) a call and just talk over with them the problems you are having, they were fantastic in the first instance and really allayed any fears I had, they will help you collate a Income/expense sheet, it's also a good foe to have when you contact the CC Companies and mention you've been in contact with the CCCS. The CCCS also made me realise that after all the credit card companies can't have money you haven't got. Good luck both of you and have a really good read of the site, it's full to bursting with great information.
  15. Apologies for not getting back to you on this, not been passed to a DCA, also the amount on the default is an error. The payment owed to them has now been paid which was not even 10% of the figure on the default notice. I will be checking my credit data to see if the default has been removed, as added to the yes, yes and yes you gave me above I can now also add in the fact that the figure was incorrect.
  16. Had a default served on me in August, the letter was dated 26 August 2010 and had been sent first class. The notice had given me until on or before 10 September 2010 to remedy the situation before my policy would be cancelled. Am I correct in thinking that I should be given 14 clear days from the served date, would I also be correct to assume that a first class letter is two days from date posted to the actual serve of the notice? If I am correct on those assumptions then I don't believe they gave me the correct time frame in which to remedy the situation. I am calculating that I should have had until the 13th of September. Can anyone give some guidance on this please?
  17. Thanks Martin, much appreciated. I'll have a look at that in the morning.
  18. Hi there, I'm currently self employed and due to the economic downturn have had a major reduction in my net profit for the tax year 09/10. Because of the self-employed status, I had estimated my earnings for the 09/10 tax year based on my earnings from the previous year. I have just completed my accounts for the 09/10 tax year and obviously my estimate is way out so in theory have been underpaid on CTC for the last year. What are my options, am I able to claim back the difference for the whole year or am I only entitled to a certain time frame?
  19. Need to get a letter off today if I'm to contest this, anybody any ideas? Can't claim as per the new developments as I don't have evidence of them being misrepresented.
  20. Where is the updated claims letter by the way? I've had a quick look but couldn't find it.
  21. I'll have to check on the exact amounts but I think I went overdrawn for a couple of days, then went back into credit. Everything after that was as you suggest charges added because the charges had taken me overdrawn. There is a direct debit bounce charge in there also, but the rest are charges upon charges.
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