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  1. Taken out in the late 90s
  2. Apologies, have been out of the loop so not been able to get on here. I had been paying as part of a debt management plan that I had agreed with several creditors, I stopped paying as I changed bank accounts and hadn't setup new direct debits. I did get letters for a while but due to financial reasons I couldn't really afford to continue paying anyway. I also realised that their letters seemed to be more sabre rattling than actual threats so had forgotten about them.
  3. Cheers dx, I've never SARd them so have no copies of statements and can't find my originals. Is it better to pursue the charges via SAR and then decide whether to find out if they have a prescribed application after dealing with that?
  4. Just had a look back and my last payment to Lowell was two years ago.
  5. Less than six years ago so it's not SB
  6. Hi there, not been on here for a long while. Have had a letter out of the blue from Lowell on a Lloyds credit card account that was defaulted in October 2010. Obviously this is about to drop off my history but obviously as they've renewed their interest in me I'm wondering my next move. Their reason for contacting me was to offer me a discount of 75%, now this obviously smells to me of them not having a prescribed agreement (the card was taken out pre 2007). I've had a look through my papers and it seems that for some reason I have never claimed charges on this accou
  7. Right, I'll get the SAR off in the post then and also get in the loft and see if I can find evidence of my own. They mentioned that they will send a cheque for £48 as a gesture of goodwill, does this suggest them trying to buy me off?
  8. Will that bring forth copies of statements from before the 2001 cut-off they told me about?
  9. Whilst at University in the mid to late 90s I held a graduate account with Lloyds which on graduation had to be changed to a standard account. As with most students I had built up quite an overdraft and was told by the gentleman I spoke to in my branch that a standard account wouldn't be suitable unless I could reduce my overdraft to a level which would be allowed. Clearly I didn't have the funds to make such a payment so was 'offered' a gold account as that would allow me to service the overdraft without a problem. Fast forward to now and I have recently written to Lloyds
  10. Cheers dx
  11. Is it best to both CCA and SAR them or will the SAR include the agreement aswell as statements etc?
  12. Last payment around the middle of 2009 I think, got into a cycle of failed payments until the account was defaulted.
  13. Card was taken out in September 2006.
  14. Cheers, will get them in the post on Monday. Should I also send a prove it letter to Marlin?
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