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  1. Hello all I would welcome some advice on the following Rightly or wrongly, i sent an I & E to Cap One in November which showed (genuinelly!) that i could afford to pay £7 a month. Which i have been. The statement included my partners income, Including Child Benefit which is in her name. The balance on the card is mine- my debt- . I'm wondering if indeed, the inclusion of my partners income has anything to with a debt that is my name only. Have been through all the CCA , Debitas Business. A/c now sent to the big beasts Fredericksons, so some escalation going on and cou
  2. Does anyone have any info on this matter. Thanks
  3. Cap One are pressing for Bank Staements, which reading other threads is normal by their disreputable standards, and to my knowledge know of no other reputable financial outfit who demand sight of your personal Bank Statement. to deal with a payment plan request I have read that any Joint Bank A/cs are covered by DPA and if that is the case i am unable to send my Bank Stement due to this financial regulation. Whilst i have nothing they shouldn't see. on a personal note i simply dont see why i should cower to these leeches. Can anyone confirm if my thinking above is correct and better
  4. How About personal Documents BANK STATEMENTS AND PAYSLIPS I too would struggle to understand why you should not send in an Income and Expenditure form. It shows your compliance in the process and by mutual consent would expect the same fair treatment by return. Just basic business really. My quandry curently is a run in with Capital One.. They are asking for bank statemnts and pay slips..My inclination is defensive ( though there is nothing really that doesn't back up my I/E ,) its just well a personal document and i dont see why they should not accept my I/E form as a signed actuality
  5. Thanks Silverfox I dont have a problem sending my payslip or to some extent my bank statement- both bare out my I / E form. I'm just curious as other forumites have vehemently opposed to sending bank account details... whilst i'm not overly plaesed about that . if it enables me to freeze interest etc, then i would go along with it. Dont know though if i am being a bit naive The interest and charges are the killer particularly at about 34%. All i'm asking is Cap one to be reasonable ( cue hysterical laughter) I'm just seeking a stabilising of my account whilst i try to sort
  6. Hi Due to reduced income can no longer afford min payments and now over limit. Have sent I/E form and then sent a CCA request. Thus far they have complied with CCA request, though told i will need to wait at least 30 days. They have also sent me there lovely little A4 I/E form along with demands for bank statements and payslips.Having read various other threads, i have no intention of sending them pay slips/ bank statements. They tell me without these original docs through will not consider a payment plan. Phone calls continue I would welcome some advice on what i
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