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  1. I purchased the system and didn't really use it untill a few weeks in. It had serious issues loading but more importantly was giving me severe discomfort around the hands and wrists. I felt a static sensation coming from it. I took it back several days outside the 30 days, they refused a refund. I eventually let them take it away to get fixed. It returned several weeks later, only this time with a flickering screen which severely gets on my nerves. I found this entire experience/purchase unacceptable and I want nothing less than a refund. By the way, I have kept the receipt. I have noted dates and kept copies of the letters I have sent. I got the letters recorded and have their tracking numbers.
  2. I've been having problems with a laptop bought in Argos in September. Its faulty, basically, going as far as causing discomfort/pain in the hands. They refused a refund. I've sent a letter to Head office quoting Sale of Goods act, no response. I then sent a Letter before Action to Head Office, got a letter advising me to contact customer support. Now I'm prepared on Monday (When the 14 days I allowed have finished) to take it to Court. My question is - do I take Head Office of the local store to court?
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