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  1. Hi there, I purchased my Peugeot 107 the last day of June this year second hand. It is under 3 years old still (til the 11/1/11 I think). Last week I got a problem with the clutch and it was very stiff. I went to the local Peugeot garage to get it fixed (this local one is not the one I purchased it from as I am away at uni at the moment) (mistake number one perhaps?). They had a look at it and tried adjusting it but said that wasn't working so it would need a whole new clutch. After 5 months surely the clutch should not go - not by my own fault anyway? I authorised them to do the work and payed the £580 they were charging. I did this and paid for it because I needed the car to get to work and to get home to London (am in Liverpool) this weekend - I feel I didn't have a choice as I needed the car for this. What I would like to know is whether you think I have a leg to stand on? Surely I would not have caused the clutch to go in 5 months as I am not heavy on the clutch etc. And most my journeys are on motorways to and from London/Liverpool, or on national speed limit road between Liverpool and where I work. And the fact I have paid already for the work and the dealers wouldn't be able to see the clutch as it was to prove whether it was like that when I purchased it. But I must stress I had to get it done in order to get to work and get home. Any suggestions or ideas about this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks lizziede
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