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  1. Well after sending the harassment letter to Moorcroft they responded by stating that they have passed the account back to "our client". All well and good I thought.....but now I'm getting calls from RMA!!!!! Not received any letters yet but I googled their tel no. Looks like Moorcroft or RBs have passed it to them to try. Now what do I do? I've got another set ot muppets on my back when the account is in dispute. Would you now bypass them and send the CCA request direct to RBS and see what happens?
  2. Cheers for your continued support on this also especially Tingy
  3. Well I sent the harassment letter a couple of days ago because these imbeciles have tried ringing again on top of the letters. If they ignore this (which I feel they probably will) who should I report them to and is there a chance that something will be done about these idiots???
  4. I decided to give the benefit of the doubt and just file the letter however I've just received another letter advising that they intend to visit my home. I'm not worried about this as I know they won't do this but what I am worried about is the fact that the account is in dispute and yet they continue to pursue the debt. I know I can now send the harassment letter but what if they decide to ignore this also?
  5. I did the cca request and definitely gave them the timescale before sending the dispute letter. Could you provide me the link for the harrassment letter please
  6. I've received a letter today from muppetcroft stating that failure to contact them by 20/12 may result in the issue of legal proceedings. Obviously they have no intentions of actioning the cca request and have ignored the dispute letter. Should I do anything more now? Or should I let them keep sending me junk mail?
  7. Well I've sent the dispute letter. Will update once I get a response from muppetcroft
  8. Thanks for your posts. I've also received my £1 postal order back!! What should I do with this?
  9. I recently sent a CCA request to Moorcroft and had the following response: We refer to previous correspondence and confirm that at this time our client is currently unable to provide a signed copy of the agreement relating to this account. Please be aware however that Courts have recently held that the inability of a creditor to produce a copy of an agreement does not mean that the debt does not exist and will be written off. In the case of McGuffick v RBS PLC (2009) EWHC 2386 Mr Justice Flaux ruled: "Although the Consumer Credit Act may render the agreement unenforceable, the agree
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