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  1. I booked the ticket here, in England, through Flyvikinghellas.co.uk website, using Natwest debit card issued here in England as well..... Today even e-mails wich i tryed to send them were failed to be delivered....... sad..... £135 gone....,,,
  2. P.S. it is unrelated to the original question but just for sharing how bad luck can be: first happened the problem with Viking Hellas , then, when i tryed to book a new ticket - problems with eDreams.......
  3. Has Anyone some information on Viking Hellas airline? whats going on?. i booked a ticket on a flight Athens -Manchester on 20 /10 /11 Due to strike the ticket been exchainged for the flight on 27 /10/11 On the day of a flight ,when all passengeres come to airport they were told -there is not any flight today. Why ? No any explanation. Now 3 days later, still no any information. All phone numbers in Greece do not reply, in the U.K. their representative have no information at all, keep sending as to headquoter in Greece where as we remmeber no replys at all. For me these looks like beginnig of bankruptsy, but .... the question what i suppose to do? The money for the ticket already have been paid... Any chance to return? thank you for all suggestions
  4. Resently I booked a flight ticket through edreams.co.uk website Due i hope some kind technical error (money for the ticket gone from my account but did not rich edream) i got an e mail from them (edreams) where i was asked to phon to my bank then in order to complete transaction to edreams. Due to the nature of the problemm I had to make several phone calls to bank and edreams and that were not a short calls. (£1.53 per minit) Eventually the ticket have been cancelled .(Where the money now- nobody knows -hopefully they will be back to my account in a few days as i was told in my bank) The bill for phone calls did not come yet but I expect something around 40-50 pounds. Hereby I just wondering is it fair to put a consumer (me) in a possition when i do not have a choice but to make these calls and pay for them their prise ? Espessially considering the fact that it was not my fault . Is there any organisation where i can make complain and demand some refund?
  5. Hi! i have decided to start a bancruptcy proccess, therefore i need some practical advices or may be links to the similar threads. Currently i have 2 bank accounts - both working. (on one of them i have tried to save some child benefit money- unsuccessful) will they both be blocked or just one? (if i keep silence about second one) do i need to open a new bank account after a subbmitin a petition or after the court desision? i still have 2 working credit cards one for £800 and one for £270... from one of them i'm gouing to pay court fees,,, and spend the rest again- will it be blocked right after petition or after the court? if possible i would like to save 1 credit card just for emergency situations (the small one for £270) is that possible somehow? (my surname on this card was little bit misspeled) or it will be blocked any way -even if i don't declear it and don t have any debts on it? any bad consequences if i keep silence about second bank account with £0 on it and second credit card ? currently i am uneployed but i have some worries -if i start to work before bancruptsy - can they deside to make me pay some money towards my debts? (don t think i will earn a lot - no more then £5.80 per hour) but any way - some better off i possibly will have can i do everything by myself or better go to CAB? (i think a que for a money adviser is not small there) (gouing there any way on next monday -ask for appointment) thanks
  6. about a week ago i v send them a letter with the quet bold offer - right off the debts from my name and try to locate my ex husband instead. (proof of my JSA benefits and financial statement were sent as well) today i got a reply- they " placed your liability for this debt on hold to be rewiewed at a later date.When the review takes place, we will also require an offer of payment from you" Who knows -what it means? " later date" ..... when? in 1 month? 1 year? as soon as i start to work? am i suppose to live expecting this "later review date" the rest of my life? --------------------------------------------------------- Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!
  7. curently reading "Advice on Shortfall Mortgage Debt " thread...... looks like more or less similar story...... the only difference is - i had a joined morgage..
  8. My family house have been repossesed about 1 year ago. (me and my husbend had a joined morgage) Currently, i am separeted from my husbend (he left country and his present address is unknown to me) Right after the repossesion me and my children moved to the council house (housing assosiation) I am unemployed single mother. My income is the only Sate benefits :JSA and child tax credid Today i got a letter from some kind agency - "ENACT direct legal solution" where i was told that i still have about £17000 outstanding balance on that morgage as "a sale of the house did not raise sufficient funds " to repay the morgage. Obviosly i absolutely have no money and unable to pay it. Am i really responsible for paing this balance even after repossesion? If it is impossible to locate my ex-husbend , am i responsible for the whole ammount or only half? What is possible to do in my situtation? If i ignore this letter what happenes next? i absolutely do not wish to arrange any monthly payments .. from what? and for what? for a house which doesn't belong me any more? .... even if it will be £ 1 a month i will pay it out the rest my life. (i am paing the other my debts by such way) any advises or similar stories are welocome Thanks
  9. i was prepared for long term headaiche with all this matter but SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! today i got a reply from RLP - (first letter in my surname was corrected but others wrong 3 -are still wrong) hmmm... the questionis -how they realised the mistake in spelling with first letter but not the others? any way the main point of the letter was "we have taken into consideration the points raised by you and follwing a review of your casefile, we have advised our client to no longer pursue this civil claim" Honestly , i am very surprised because i ve never sent them any documents or papers prooving - i am on benefits or whats ever.... the only thing i send them 1 e-mail mentioned above.... hmm... guess -happy escaping? good luck to other fighters against RLP on this forum!! and thanks
  10. ok. since nobody replies to my post i will just keep here some records of my actions and what happened next. today have sent an e-mail to RLP stating reference number but without my signature and name under the e-mail. In e-mail i have mentioned that - i am unemplyed single mother, payment of such ammount would cause a long term affect for wellbeing of my child, this is my first and definitely las one incident. in conclusion i have asked them to review their claim and drop it. (refrain) (may be this was a mistake and i shawn them that i received their letter- don t know...... may be if d kept the line "i have not received any letters on my name" would be better. )
  11. well....quiet embarrasing but that comforting -i am not alone here:) i was caught for shoplifting -police was involved - i already paid a penalty to police £80 and recently got letter with demanding £137 more for civil recovery. but the matter is - my surname on the demanding letter is complitely wrong (yeh -there is some resemblance but from 9 letters of surname- 4 are different) not my fault if they can't copy my details correctly. i even was gouing to throw the letter away . the question is -can i ignore the letter or they will eventually recover my correct surname from the police? will the case be really transferred to the civil court? thanks for your advises and replies. p.s. in the demanding letter there is an option- if i cannot afford to pay i can contact them , supply some evidences of my incomes-outcomes ,and they "may refrain from pursuiting" since i am unemployed single mother - what do u think is more wise in my situation ignore the letter or contact them ? if i contact them -definetly i will need to correct their mistake with my surname , and no any guarantee that they cansel the claim........
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