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  1. Thanks for the cautionary tale, Mr P – hopefully not going to have those sorts of issues, but who knows? Pays to know the downsides as well as the ups. jmg
  2. Thanks for the advice - very much appreciated and I will start making enquiries on Monday. jmg
  3. Not yet – didn't want to ask a question which someone on here might know is pointless and save me some brief embarrassment, tbh.
  4. Hi - thanks for the response. They're still in business (although the company name changed a few years ago) but I've never had annual statements from them – I was made redundant with others who worked on a trade magazine & haven't had any contact with them since.
  5. Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question. I worked for a company from approximately May/June 1990 to around March 1992, during which time I had contributions into their pension scheme deducted from my pay. I've just reached 65 and am now receiving my state pension and idly wondered what happened to those contributions, whether it would be possible to get those back, or if I could now legitimately claim a pension (however tiny) from that company? Or is it the case that I've effectively kissed that money goodbye? Any assistance or pointers in the right direc
  6. Have just received an interesting letter, with something enclosed;) - trouble is, the something enclosed has my name on it followed by the account number of my (no longer functioning) Natwest account. Not sure whether to send it back and ask for one without the number, or just pay it into my bank account...
  7. Hi - the first stage is definitely to send off the £10 and the SAR request letter to get them to send your statements back - see other postings on the site re Amex - you'll see that the letter is pretty much standard whether it's a bank or a building society, credit card or storecard operator. I've used the same basic letters/templates for NatWest, Halifax, Amex, Goldfish and Debenhams storecard amended as necessary. In a lot of other postings here you'll see that the advice is always read the FAQs first, use the standard letters and documents in the order that is suggested and I can't do be
  8. Another letter this morning, this time from Southend County Court: "Upon reading the Court file and of the Court's own initiative It is ordered that the claim be stayed until 27 June 2007. To be referred to District Judge Dudley in paperwork on 27 June 2007." Bit of a pain having to wait another 2 months, but once again, is this normal practice folks, and is there anything I need to do? (insert reassuring statement here...)
  9. Will do, thanks hon!
  10. Letter from Colchester Court arrived this morning headed Notice of Transfer of Proceedings. Apparently on the 27th March Districrt Judge Mitchell considered the papers in the case and has ordered it to be transferred to Southend County Court and to District Judge Dudley for allocation and case management with other similar cases proceeding in Essex. It goes on to say that as the Order has been made by the Court without considering representations from the parties, the parties have the right to apply to have the order set aside, varied or stayed. A party wishing to make an application must se
  11. jmg666

    jmg vs Amex

    Thanks for that, pretty much what I expected. I'd put a note in the diary for two days ago that marked the deadline by which I'd start an MCOL - my problem is that being self-employed my "paydays" are sporadic and ponying up the £120 each time for an MCOL isn't always easy, but it looks like I might have to. In any case I'll send them something based on the above and make it clear that MCOL comes next. Thanks for your support & advice & well done on getting your cash back.
  12. jmg666

    jmg vs Amex

    Letter (without prejudice!) arrived from Amex this morning enclosing a letter and a cheque. Now a cheque of any kind is always welcome, but of course it wasn't for the full amount - £515 rather than the £875 I reckon they owe me. Usual waffle in the letter about the OFT's statement re default charges, but my understanding is that since the OFT's pronouncement on bank charges generally, the banks have responded with the threat of charging people to have accounts - in other words, if they have to scale their charges back to a reasonable level for defaults etc, then they're going to make damn sur
  13. Just wondering - does anyone have any idea of how long it usually takes for the court to set a date for the hearing once the AQ has gone in? Hopefully it won't come to that in any case, but I'd be interested to know.
  14. Thanks hedgey & sif - I guess if the court wants something they'll ask for it, but it's just a major pain that Cobbetts seem to be dragging the chain all the way down to the wire, but so long as they pay up in the end, I don't giver a monkey's. Good luck both and keep us posted
  15. Took my £100 fee and my AQ (completed as suggested elsewhere) to Colchester County Court on Friday 23rd March, and yesterday (24th) received copy of Cobbett's AQ. Section G, other info: Case management directions cannot be proposed until the Claimant serves a Reply to the Request for Further Information which was due on 19 March 2007. In light of this, the Defendant may amend its Defence or apply to strike out. I understand this may be standard Cobbett's tactic on behalf of NatWest, but I've sent back a breakdown of the claim details to them pointing out that their client has already recei
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