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  1. Thank you all for the replies I continued to pay rent each month to the landlord as we went under the contents insurance and not the landlords. I simply was guided by the Loss Adjuster and put trust in them! I can understand that we have now discovered that we are under insured because the last time we reviewed it was when we took the original policy out (13+ years ago). I am 99% certain that we have had no contact from the bank to review things in that time. But you are right, they are trying to recoup money from the rental payment due to and overspend previously. My p
  2. Need some advice and hopefully some clarity. Our Rented (unfurnished) home was flooded due to a faulty water tank in the loft. The water had "tracked" all through the house (4 rooms) and pretty much 3/4 of the house had to be stripped to brick/timber. The hallway/bathroom/kitchen was not effected. I have home basic contents insurance (via Lloyds TSB) and we have had this for over 10 years. The landlord also has insurance and we had a Loss Adjuster that we able to represent both insurance companies. Personal items amount to approx. £3500 Hallway carpet £950 Th
  3. UPDATE I can confirm that the UK Ombudsman service is unable to help as it is "outside" its jurisdiction. I have also checked to see if Jersey has an Ombudsman service and I cannot find an answer so I expect they do not. So it looks like I am unable to follow the route that all you guys can. I am still trying to find out what options I have and if the worse comes to the worse I will make an appointment with an Advocate to see if they can help. Fingers crossed that someone here will be able to help
  4. Hi DJ Thanks for replying. I actually have a breakdown of the loan and the PPI. I am at work but from memory it was £92 per month. I replied to the "offer" and said that i would be worse off if i refinanced and asked a few questions about not having an Obansmun in Guernsey and asked that if i am still unhappy where do i go? I think you might be right that i now need to get more serious as i have tried the "nice" way and i am getting no where. I am concerned though that i do not seem to have any back up like you guys have in the UK. I have 32 months left and i started i
  5. Bear with me and I will try and explain my dilemma My wife and I borrowed money from Lloyds TSB (June 2006) for the amount of 20k. PPI was offered and of course I felt it was the safe option so agreed. Total amount payable 29k and I have just recently found out that £5500 of that is PPI. Just recently my wife became ill and I have had to review our finances and realised that I should take advantage of the PPI as she will not be able to work for a long period of time. I contacted the claims number and they said that I was unable to claim as it is in my name only? I was a little conc
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