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  1. Hello I have failed my esa medical (not surprising really) I have only been on esa for 8 weeks and they have stopped the benefit pending apeal so we are left with child tax and child benefit (£70 per week for 3 people my partner/carer, 2 year old and myself) I have appealed myself but i have been reffered to CAB to help with the appeals. does anyone have any idea how long it takes to get the payments up and running again as ESA has been no help at all also i have been reading up and seen that they just backdate the money from the work focus or support group (if im successfull) from the 14th week but im not even there yet so how can they stop my benefit when there is a sick note in and im only 8 weeks into the claim? :mad2: I suffer with a rare brain disorder called idiopathic intracranial hypertension, which basically means i have pressure in my brain (all of the same symptoms as a brain tumour but no tumour present) so i suffer with sever headaches, blurred or double or tunnel vision, on top of bad eye sight, tinnitus, photophobia (pain from bright lights) dizzyness and nausea, lack of depth perception ( i cant tell the height of things so my partner needs to come everywhere with me) and memory problems I have recieved the letter and got 0 points even though i couldnt do most of the things but the atos medical person would not listen to me and said on the dessicion i can do them, such as i cant bend down and touch my toes as i get dizzy and can pass out sorry if this dont make sense
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