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  1. Ah thank u...i feel a little more reasurred now lol. I have heard the same as well that its more on them, and nothing he has done. Its no issue with them doing it and i understand they have to do these things...just very fustrating as we need the money and this is holding it back! I hope that it is a little before the 15th it would be amazing as could really use it before baby comes thanks for ur reply and help
  2. Hi all, im looking for a bit of advice. My partner is self employed (as of 2011) and this was the first year he had to do his tax etc. He hired a accountent and he done all the work. It got worked out that he was owed just over £1000. His accountent sent it all of just after april 6th, he told my other half it would take about 2 weeks. 2 weeks went past and we heard nothing. i had been reading that HMRC are kind of slow so got my other half to call them up. They said it would be a week or so. At the beginning of may my other half called back his accountent and the accountent cal
  3. Hi all, My partner has recently come self-employed. He works for a electrical company but he works for them as self employed. He will be getting £12.45 an hour. My worry is im not sure where we stand with tax credits and housing benefits. My rent is £820 a month and what my partner will clear and paying all the bills i worry we wont be able to cope. We have 2 children aswell. Will we be entilied to housing benefit? As i said this has only happened in the last few days so we have no proof of what he is earning etc. Any help will be a great help! many thanks alessia xx
  4. hi all, im wondering if you could me. i recieve higher rate dla and my partner recieves carees allowence for me. he got a letter today saying 'thank you for contacting us on the 27/4/2011 regarding alessia claim's' it went on to say that they would look at the information and it could take 11 weeks for them to make a decicion. im really confused my partner swears blind me didnt call them but then why has he got thus letter? i really thought he has made a complaint about me... any ideas? thank u
  5. Hi they gave me all evidence they had. I explained each one. 1) was a bank statment that is my bf and is addressed to my house- i explained the reason i let him do this is beacuse he doesnt use this account as in he gets no money in that account he pays of an overdraft and didnt want his parents to see he was in a lot of debt- stupid i know but didnt think it be a problem. As i said he doesnt use that account. 2) they had my bank statments 3) something from nhs... was a bit confused about this and thought it could be coz he is down as my carer on my DLA. That was all the evedance they had. I
  6. thank u...im just so scared i havae been reading stories that if you owe more than a certain amount then u could be jailed. I started claiming in 2008 and they r taking it back from then so working it out i owe well over £15000 (for something i dont even think ive done wrong) but im scared they could jail me, because ive been reading up and heard u can get jailed. ive got to young children and i suffer from depression. i dont think i could cope...so scared! xx
  7. Hi all, i recently had a iuc for my income support as they thought i was living with my bf- which i am not. They said that a they would get back to me with a decision in 3 months time. I have a 3 year old son and am currently 35 weeks pregnant. i also have serve depression. Even thou i have not comminted a crime- what ever they decied to do i will accept as i feel i dont want to fight with the dwp. My only concern is that i will face a prison sentence. Is this possibal? i couldnt bare to go to jail. What are the chances i will get jailed? im so so so scared about this, i
  8. The whloe thing has just freaked me out a lot. I think thats why im so nervous. I hope im not importnat enough to go into the newspaper... i would really hate that A few people have said they normaly watch u before a IUC but then some have said they can do it after...so im just really confused.
  9. Thank you for ur reply! Helped me feel very much at ease. Some people have said to me that covert surveillance would normaly be done before an ICU in which my case it hadnt, but others have said to me that they some times do it after? I havnt heard of this but still am very nervous. Not that im doing anything wrong, just the whloe thing has freaked me out a lot, if that makes sense? I hope it doesnt end up in the papers....im so scared!
  10. I recently wrote a post about my situation with a IUC i had. Im just wondering a few things... even thou the DWP think i am living with my partner i am not. Im just wondering if now they will be watching me after this interview? I had my interview on Wednesday and havnt left my house since as i feel so scared in case they are watching me. Also will this be published in a news paper? Im really worried about this happening. Even thou i dont live with my bf, if it gets taken to court or what ever happens, im really worried about it going in the paper?What are the chances this will happe
  11. also, im worried that what ever happens this could end up in a paper? I dont want that to happen? what are the chances of that happening? Also thank u for everyone replying...i answered questions as i had nothing to hid and wanted to tell them my side of the story. I guess i felt this was the right thing to do??
  12. He lives with his mum and dad and pays them rent. Also he HAS NOT been providing me any money at all to support my son. My sons dad doesnt pay me money either. My bf provides me no money at all. I pay all my bills and i pay for my food for me and son etc. Yes our relationship is stronger now than has been before BUT saying that he still does not live with me or pay for anything etc.
  13. Hi, I had an interview under caution today about my income support. They thought my bf was living with me. It went on for 2 hours, i had a solictor with me who said that was the longest one she ever done! The 'evidance' they had was... . One bank statment from my bf which was addressed to my house (he has 4 bank accounts the bank account he uses is addressed to his mum and dads house where he lives. The reason his HSBC account is addressed to me is becuase he has a hugh overdraft on that account and doesnt want his parents to see he is in debt) .They had a bank statement of min
  14. Today 20:02 grrrrrr ... thank u for replying really helped. So bacially i need to make clear that he is my carer and that we are not living together as man and wife...is that what u mean? Also i have a housing support worker who is coming with me. He has done things like this before. Do u think that will be ok? thanks so much for ur help...really helped me xxx
  15. Hi all, Im new to this so please bear with me. I have googled a few posts on here about interview under caution and found them helpful. But im still would like some advice. I recieved a letter from the jobcenter yesterday calling me in for a interview under caution about my income support. They believe that i am living with someone. Ok so im not. Let me explain... i get DLA higher rate for care. My bf is down as my carer. He stays 3 nights a week. There have been times when he has stayed more nights this is because i am pregnant and there have been a few problems. Also i h
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