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  1. Doing a VT is a legal entitlement and as such is not a default on the finance so no, I do not believe it can have an adverse effect on a mortgage.
  2. You need to check the original agreement which, hopefully if it is an official Hire Purchase agreement (and for less than £25,000 if signed prior to May 2008. ) then it should have the "Your rights to Terminate" clause as shown above.
  3. As far as I know "Voluntary Termination" is a full entitlement to legally end a HP agreement as detailed within the original agreement. "Voluntary Surrender" is where you ask the lender to let you give the car back even though the contract is still legally enforceable. If you VT the car and have paid more than half the total amount payable, then you are deemed to have fulfilled your obligations with nothing more to pay. If you VS the car, then they may be able to still pursue you for any losses they incur in disposing of your car.
  4. The voluntary termination (VT) of a HP agreement is a legal entitlement and does not leave an adverse record on your credit file. I have done it twice before and still currently have 6 other cars on various types of loan agreements, all of which needed to be credit checked before they authorised the finance. The most recent one I have done was in June this year, and looking at my credit file (which I just happen to have on the desk here ) against that record it simply states, "Satisfactory. Settled 1/8/10"
  5. If it was a proper HP agreement Tattooman then you are correct. Check your original agreement form, it should have a section on there headed "Your Right To Terminate" or something like that. In that section it should confirm the value you had to pay to meet the 50% value. Don't forget it had to be 50% of the total payable including any interest charges. If you have exceeded this value then they have the right to have the car returned in "reasonable" condition and you have nothign more to pay. If they lost money off it at auction then that is their tough luck.
  6. Whether they meant to include the words "did not" or not in that sentence, its appears quite clear that they are agreeing that the contravention did not happen in a written repl to the OP. I am not sure what view PATAS would have on this when that is exactly what they wrote!
  7. Did you send the yellow strip portion of the V5, section 9 V5/3 to DVLA at the time of the sale?
  8. I agree with Sir Drinkalot. The fact that they have issued a temp licence certainly implies to me that they are minded to reissue your licence but may be awaiting some final info from your doctor.
  9. I bet they cancel them at 1000 days because their computer system only allows for 3 digits in one of the key fields that is clicking up as the PCN ages.
  10. The warranty shouldn't come into the equation, so don't get too bogged down on what it says/doesn't say or value it's limited to. Under SOGA, any defects on the car within the first 6 months are deemed to have existed at purchase unless the seller can prove to the contrary. I think the seller does have the right to attempt repairs though before you can demand a refund. Not sure what SOGA says about getting the car back to the garage though if it is unmovable. Have you looked into the cost of getting it transported back to the garage? It may be worth it to you to instigate that bit yourself if not too expensive.
  11. I used to have an X-Type Jag that was suplied with a space saver. Only drove on it once and hated how unstable it felt! Fortunately the wheel well in the boot was deep enough for a full size wheel so I went to Halfords and bought a complete single alloy wheel and tyre with a similar spoke pattern to the original for about £160 (compared to the £350 or so for a wheel without tyre from Jaguar). As I only used it for short periods if I got a puncture while I had it fixed, I wasn't bothered that that spoke pattern wasn't a proper match and looked no worse (far better in fact) than needing to put the steel space saver on. I've got a BMW now fitted with run flats, so don't have to bother with any changing of wheels anymore.
  12. wispadog, your post is OK in this section as it was a PPC invoice you received for parking. Best advice would have been to completely ignore everything from them from the start, but your reply to them has done no harm either. Needless to say you have noticed by now that they didn't take a blind bit of notice when you told them you weren't driving. On the B*S* side, their threats about court pre-protocol are true, except they forgot to say that pre-protocol doesn't apply to the small claims court where their claim would be heard, so nowt to do with your case. And any reference they make to the RTA has FA to do with private parking tickets, so again totally irrelavent! From now you should ignore everything they send, unless it is REAL court papers which is unlikely to happen in your lifetime.
  13. Have you now had the car longer than 6 months? SOGA only applies for the first 6 months from purchase, and although the problem clearly occurred within that time, I am not sure how hard it is applying the terms of SOGA once you are beyond that time. No help now, but I don't think I would have paid anything for the original repair, and if the dealer had refused to pay for it I would have rejected teh whole car under the terms of SOGA and got my money back. btw, the "warranty" he gave/sold you did not in any way deminish your rights under SOGA
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