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  1. Update - they phoned me again today.. they have recalled from bailiffs and apologised again.
  2. Hi and thanks renegadeimp, I don't know why it was sent to bailiffs when all I've been doing is what they advised and I just want to pay it off as soon as possible. I always thought enforcement was a last option to recover debt. Silly me.
  3. Thank you ploddertom. I have arranged to pay the outstanding £202.14 on 1st May (next pay day) I am worried about the unnecessary additional bailiff charges...Im not made of money, if I were I wouldn't have been in this position in the first place.
  4. Thanks brassknecked, I made a formal complaint today and I am happy to complain to anyone that I need to. The manager had already listened to the recorded call with the adviser prior to the liability order and so there is evidence that I paid £100 off the debt but he maladministered it. It also confirms that he gave me false information and detrimental advise. The manager apologised and said they are doing all they can to recall the debt from the bailiffs but they cant say if they will contact me and whether i'll be charged in the meantime. I did ask if it was common practice for their department to tell us one thing and do another? He said absolutely not but when I then asked why my account had been transferred to bailiffs before i'd even received the notice of liability he couldn't explain. They told me yesterday that they couldn't take a payment off the liability debt because it had been passed to bailiffs, but the letter I got yesterday said "PAYMENT IS NOW REQUIRED IN FULL WITHIN 14 DAYS alternatively you can contact us on XXXXXXXX where an arrangement for re-payment will be considered" I really don't understand how they can do that.
  5. Hello, I had a letter notifying me of liability order hearing on 9th April. Balanced owed was £302.14 I phoned up and paid £100 off the debt owed and set up DD for new Ctax year. I was assured by adviser that I did not have to attend the hearing as it was just a formality to acknowledge I was liable for the debt. He told me to wait for the letter and then phone up to make an arrangement to pay remaining £202.14 and that would be that. I didn't attend the hearing and waited for letter. Letter came on 15th April (dated 14th April) showing debt of 302.14. Letter said I had 14 days to pay in full or make arrangement. Yesterday I phoned up to make arrangement to pay. I was told the balance was still 302.14 as the £100 I paid was taken off new tax year... I can't make arrangement to pay as been passed to bailiffs. The letter I received stated I had 14 days to pay in full or to arrange payment but they have not given me that chance to pay. I phoned them today after not sleeping and made an official complaint. Manager called me back. As it stands at the moment, I have set up a repayment plan and the adviser is being disaplined for giving false information. But the complaints team can take up to 21 days to investigate and recall the debt from recovery but if the bailiffs contact me I have to pay the bailiff costs in the meantime and if complaints department find in my favour, someone (council/bailiffs?) Will reimburse me but they couldn't tell me who. The council lied to me. They didn't apply the money I paid to the outstanding debt. They passed straight to bailiffs instead of giving me 14 days to pay as specified in their letter and denying me the ability to pay. They have been wholly unreasonable and unfair causing me additional impending bailiff charges. PLEASE! What can I do?? Edited to add...my complaint has caused a storm apparently said the council manager?
  6. Hello, Hope you wonderful peeps can help out with this one.. Bought my 13 year old daughter a laptop for Christmas 2009. Purchased on 23 December 2009. Being a typical teenager, she spends most of her time in her room and it wasn't until end of November 2010 that my husband noticed when moving the laptop off the bed, that the end of the charger (original Toshiba charger) was red hot and on closer inspection saw to his alarm that the plug-in site and the surrounding casing of the laptop was melted and mishapen. He was obviously worried about fire hazard so took the laptop away and packed it up ready to return to Staples. When asked our daughter said it had been like that for "ages". Due to us both working fulltime we finally got to staples on 7th December and after examining it, (a few keys missing and some scratches though general wear) they took the Laptop to send to Toshiba. Toshiba phoned mid December saying someone was going to take a look and they'd get back to us. Had a phonecall from Staples today saying that Toshiba had emailed them to say the damage was caused by "Miss use" and the repair will cost £229. I dont understand how they can say the charger overheating and the laptop melting can be caused by misuse?The laptop was less than 12 months old when returned and has an obvious, dangerous fault. I know she hasn't been the most careful with the laptop and some keys were missing and some general scratches through wear and tear but that was not the reason i returned it! Atm the laptop is still with Toshiba. Can anyone please advise?
  7. Hiya, my sister bought 3 Transformer toys for her three boys for Christmas online. Today her delivery turned up and the delivery driver told her there was 23 Transformers for her and more on the way because Agros had multiplied the order 19 times and on checking her bank account, found they'd charged for 57 Transformers - £500! He told her she would have to take delivery and when the rest arrived she could take them back for a refund but her house is small and she doesnt have the room to store all these toys let alone try to hide them from the kids! I've told her to refuse to accept the next delivery but what else can you lovely people advise she can do? Thanks in advance
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