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  1. Guys. Please bear with me I have just been assurred by Linda Davies via text message that she will look into this tomorrow afternoon and get it sorted. I will give bayv the benifit of doubt and will let you all know what happens when she contacts me tomorrow afternoon after the directors meetings in morning! ( We live in hope)
  2. BUT if we give new address and the agent turns up things may get heated, im trying to avoid trouble and keep this amicable but bayv's guys on the front line are worse than loan sharks
  3. Well Well Well i am shocked! Lovely letter through the door today from the recoveries director at the council. They have put pen to paper and apologised on behalf of there Baliffs. Dear Mr *******, It has come to my attention that you were unhappy at the way you were treated by Mr ***** From Andrew James Enforcement Services. I would Firstly like to take this oppotunity to apologise for the distrees caused to you. I have held a meeting with ********(managing director of andrew james) and played the recorded conversation and trust that appropriate action is taken against the individual involved, ********(md @aj) stated to me that he does not condone (the baliffs) actions, I can assure you that incidents like this do not occur reguarly and that is why i have overseen this complaint. I Trust that you will maintain the proposed repayment set up with ourselves.
  4. Do not let him in once has has acheived peacefull entry he can break in the second time
  5. I got my Baliff fees wiped but not sure on the law, i just harrased the council as much as the baliff harrassed me and i made sure they knew what i was doing they soon pulled the debt back lol
  6. Whats so unreal about that! not exactly sure what the issue is sorry
  7. Hi i have skimmed through this thread and it was only a few days ago i had hassle of this bunch. Ignore there threats as there full of s***. Phone your council and ask for recoveries manager tell him the situation and if they make you pay you tell them that you will pay say £10 a week via standing order (ANDREW JAMES DONT ACCEPT S/O AS PAYMENT). If the council accept offer they will be forced to pull back debt as andrew james dont accept standing order. Do not give these idiots your card details sfter all Can you really trust them with sensitive information. I know it sounds bad, but its the council you need to harass just like the bailiffs there third party are doing to you. DONT PAY ANDREW JAMES A PENNY
  8. And the coucil are going to conduct an investigation as they advised it be treated as a complaint.
  9. I was determined not to give in to him, Who do they think they are, What amazes me is noone regulates these imboseals
  10. i started back work, just seemed the right thing to do at the time after pressure from work focused interview and i lasted 3 days before i had a major breakdown
  11. Liability order granted for £319 These idoits come knocking my door, they got ignored first time see if they went away, Second time i refused to let him in spoke to him (the bailiff) outside would not accept my payment plan of £120 a month demanded money in full. Laughed at him and walked in my home and locked the door. Today 2 Weeks later.... Did not knock my door but put a final notice through the letterbox, i responded and phoned him, demanding payment in full again told him £120 a month, he told me ill clamp your car if i dont have payment by 5pm today, i told him its not my car. (the log book is in my mother in laws name.) He carried on his rubbish told me i had a noce tv and sofa and hed have pleasure selling them i told him shame there on hire purchase which they are and he hung up. I had recorded the call so got on phone to council and played the trump and said ill pay you direct £50 a month, they said we cant pull debt back i said well i refuse to deal with them so you wont get payment. He told me that he will till bailiff to accept £50 a month, Baliff called me to arrange payment and wanted my card details i laughed and said no way i wouldnt trust you as far as i could throw you so he said you will have to pay at the office every month the office is 20 miles away so no. I told him i wanted to pay via standing order to which he said we dont accept s/o so i will continue recoveries as your delining to pay. I phoned the council back told them im not preapred to give my card details etc etc and i would only pay via s/o. He told me hed phone me back. 20 mins later council phone, " we have pulled this debt from andrew james make payments to our bank of £50 a month" Result, The bailiff could have had £120 a month but refused. Council accepted fifty. Moral of the story where council tax liabiltiy orders are concerned inform the council of every discussion with bailiff and tell them your hitting a brick wall and show willingness to pay and they will back down more than the bailiff will
  12. JO1010


    Have a mortage on intrest only with this lot. i thought my contractual payment was £440 but in fact it was £440.30 So over last 4 months i have paid £440 and when i recieved the letter stating the payment had not been maintained i paid them a further £2 to cover the £1.60 i had missed. Today i had a statement throught and they have charged me an arreas fee every month £25 each total of £100 all for the sake of £1.60 which they have since been paid as soon as i realised please help. The mortage was for £85000 and the balance today after 7 years is £97867. This lot slam charges on for anything and the charges since 2004 total near enough £6000. The rest is missed payments due to dwp when i was off last year they didnt pay full amount anyway im back in work now and they slam £100 on for £1.60 anyway i can claim this back, have spoken to them today but was basically told to jog on
  13. Made a repid reclaim to income support /incapcity on 28th march send clerical forms and i posted them back, phoned today for update to be told that i need to claim esa as since jan 2011 incapcity has stopped. On my ib i had been signed off by there gp for a year and now i got to go through it all again (so they say, providing sick notes and all that) Made esa claim today and they said can take 14 days from when they recieve med cert so going to get one tomorrow, Crisis loan wont pay me as i have to much debt so have been left since 28th march with no money and now they sayig will take another 2 weeks why did they issue forms if they stopped rapid reclaims??? Help please
  14. https://www.txtmecash.co.uk/ Be Warned there up to there old tricks again with a new site
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