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  1. Yes I am still awaiting an update from them but they do have the 8 weeks so they have until the 10th Feb
  2. No I am trying to say interest should be calculated over a monthly charge to make the APR so when you settle a loan early i.e. 15 months early you should get the 15 months interest off the balance to make the settlement figure. No it says the FCA, as below I have copied the email. I’m really sorry that you’ve been unhappy with our service. We will be conducting a thorough investigation and I’ll be writing to you again once this has been completed. We may give you a call/email if we need any more information to help us investigate your complaint. I would like to assure you that we treat all complaints seriously. We are constantly striving to improve our services with all our customers and appreciate the feedback you have given. We have up to eight weeks to investigate and resolve your complaint as per FCA guidelines; this is not to say our investigation will take eight weeks and please rest assured that we will be back in touch as soon as possible. Should you need to contact us in the meantime regarding this complaint, please ensure the above reference is included on your correspondence. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Regards, 118 118 Money Customer Relations team
  3. It doesn't say anywhere, I says the total amount of the Loan and then the fixed interest charge. I have calculated the figure to work out the over charge from the amount they charged me fixed then divided it by the 24 months then see the figure and times it by the 9 months I had the loan for, then add my loan repayments times 9 and then deduct the two and there should be the settlement however it doesn't seem to add up that's why I was asking if anyone had any experience of this? I have paid the amount they said. I have complained to 118, and have had my initial response saying that it can take up to 6 weeks to resolve before I can take it to the FCA.
  4. Hi guys I took out a loan with these guys in March recently asked for a settlement the amount was way higher than I thought however I still paid them off because it still saved me over a grand in interest over the next 15 months. I have submitted a complaint to the complaints team and done their homework for them , but was wondering if anybody else has any experience with this sort of thing. anyone?
  5. Hi I have a default on my credit report from a payday lender its was with Wage Day Advance however on my credit report it states Motormile Finance Uk Limited, they originally tried to say I defaulted in December 2012, when it was actually September 2011 I queried this with noodle and got a reply to say that my report has been amended I also tried to have it removed as in the past I have paid my loans back to WDA like others (QQ, PDUK, Lending stream and wonga) now I have a default with wonga but I have to say at least when they put the default up it was correct and the previous loans have been put up with a green mark stating settled. Where do I stand with this one as they are surely mis-informing other (potential lenders) and they can't just put negative can they when there should have been positive as well - I do understand however having a PDL on your credit report is only going to look bad but surely it should be an accurate reading of somebodies risk for other potential lenders. Any advise?
  6. I got a reply from OPOS - Minicredit debt recovery regarding a loan that I took of £100, they wanted £810.00 which I told them I wasn't paying then I got a make me an offer letter, So I offered them the original loan of £100.00 although I only got £80 of it plus £50.00 for interest and charges so £150.00 total and within an hour I got a response and they accepted my agreement of that sum.I would stick to your guns and only pay the amount due in the beginning
  7. I don't understand this. The balance £930 calculated from the date of issuing the 29th of December 2011 until the 28th of March 2012 consists of the following: 1.Loan principal £200 2.interest in total £180 (1% of the Principal per day) 3.Overdue penalty £25 (was added on the 1st day overdue) 4.Overdue penalty £55 (was added on the 3rd day overdue) 5.Debit Attempt fees in total £370 (every unsuccessful attempt to receive the repayment costs up to £5) 6.Debt Recovery fee £100 (was added on the 30th day overdue) The following information has been taken from the Loan Agreement and explains the charges: KEY INFORMATION If you break this Agreement, we will charge you if we unsuccessfully attempt to obtain repayment on the due date for repayment. A fee of £25 will be charged on the day that your missed payment was due. If we unsuccessfully attempt to obtain repayment on the due date, we will attempt to obtain repayment a second time 2 days later, and if we unsuccessfully attempt to obtain repayment on this second occasion we will charge you a further amount of £55. If we unsuccessfully attempt to obtain repayment we may charge up to £5. If we unsuccessfully attempt to obtain repayment 30 (thirty) days after the due date we may charge further £100 manual debt collection recovery fee. 1) for £200 for a 30 loan which is the max the interest is £60.00 2) fee of £25 is fair enough one could say 3) say applies to that as well for the £55 4) Debt attempts fee can't equal £370 (every unsuccessful attempt to receive the repayment costs up to £5) because your contract states "If we unsuccessfully attempt to obtain repayment we may charge up to £5" it doesn't state like they are trying to have it now its each attempt thats 74 times! so that equals £5 charges 5) Debt recovery fee should never be applied I would inform then that you will be reporting them for the excessive charges and trying to claim for a recovery fee. So in total at a max I would say you owe them £345.00 thats (Loan amount of £200, Intrest of £60.00, £25 1st fee, £55 2nd fee , £5 for debt attempt fees). If you were to agree to the £100 Debt recovery fee it would total £445.00.
  8. Oh it was for some time but what I did was I cancelled the debit card with bank Natwest at the time and never spoke to txtloans until 28 days after default - however Fredrickson no longer collect under payday loans due to the volume of complaints apparently from Jan 2012. but as for my credit file for 1 it was not good to begin with thats what happens when your silly and 18/19 and use credit cards / bank loans but they have not put anything on my credit file for 2/3 credit file people. as of last month. Don't worry keep to your figure you are going to pay them others would say get there banking details and just pay them I never done that but that would be the way to go in case (which they wouldn't) they attempt to take you to court
  9. I did this with quid market and its 14 days to let them know and 28 days after the 14 days. Not 30 days
  10. Yeah they forwarded it onto Fredrickson International - whom threatened me with the world basically they have no powers what so ever I offered them £10 pcm and would only be repaying the original loan plus one months which was more than what the credit agreement was for so I borrowed £200.00 and I said as a gesture of good will I will pay back £280 over 28 months they said no and so forth since then they contacted me from a manager to discuss the account and said if I pay £175 in a full and final settlement then he would wipe off all other charges which stood at £470 so I agreed once he sent me the offer and banking details, I paid that at the end of November
  11. I was amazed as I tried to go to there address as I work near it during my lunch break to get a letter signed to state that they received it as they have not replied to one of my emails, does this mean they can use the address of: TxtLoan Ltd 1 Cornhill, London EC3V 3ND And they are not at this address this is just a post room the lady on the reception told me.. Don't believe them they can't close your bank account - who do they think they are your bank manager
  12. Is it true that even if you cancel your debit card (lost/stolen) then these PD loans can still get your money from a stolen/lost debit card? how can this happen?
  13. So do I let the council know first that I am taking this back to the magistrates or do I have to report them to the LGO? because the levying of a vehicle that doesn't belong to me nor the van charges when it can only be charged 5 days after the distress levy is placed?
  14. So you are quoting from the http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1992/613/regulation/46/made right? - however I won't win back my money in fees which were taken by the bailiffs will I? Appeals in connection with distress 46.—(1) A person aggrieved by the levy of, or an attempt to levy, a distress may appeal to a magistrates' court. (2) The appeal shall be instituted by making complaint to a justice of the peace, and requesting the issue of a summons directed to the authority which levied or attempted to levy the distress to appear before the court to answer to the matter by which the person is aggrieved. (3) If the court is satisfied that a levy was irregular, it may order the goods distrained to be discharged if they are in the possession of the authority; and it may by order award compensation in respect of any goods distrained and sold of an amount equal to the amount which, in the opinion of the court, would be awarded by way of special damages in respect of the goods if proceedings were brought in trespass or otherwise in connection with the irregularity under regulation 45(7). (4) If the court is satisfied that an attempted levy was irregular, it may by order require the authority to desist from levying in the manner giving rise to the irregularity.
  15. Well this is there reply, I also on Saturday got a letter regarding a complaint made to them regarding this and there response was they uphold the councils decision, And I would have to go before a county district judge to complain is this right? Thank you for your email. I can confirm that you are correct that ***** Council is responsible for the collection of outstanding Council Tax. However, as you had not made payments directly to ***** Council to settle the balance, and under the laws of the liability order obtained in August 2011, permission was given to enforce action. Therefore the account was referred to Bailiff Newlyn PLC. Bailiff Newlyn PLC are an independent company that we have employed to enforce collection and they have their own rules and regulations. If you have any issues regarding their methods of collection, this is to be raised with them direct. To confirm all the bailiffs employed by the companies we use, are certified at court and their actions are performed within the standard operating procedures. I must refer you to their response dated 28th November 2011, which clearly outlines your concerns below. If you require any additional information, please contact Newlyn PLC direct. Upon review of your account, it has been brought to my attention there is a sum of £101.24 outstanding. Please call the automated payment line on ********* to make payment.
  16. Thanks Brassnecked but I can't quote from that as there is no reference from anywhere to forward on to is there?
  17. Hi Guys so I got a reply from Quid market saying: Dear. *** You sent your email to a non-existent email address which is why there was no reply. You have also repaid 4 loans to us in the past so you know how to repay loans to us, this should have been done by you rather than us chase you up. However, I will arrange this for you, but we must get payment from you today in order to do this and we will waive any charges incurred. I've just called your mobile but it is 'Temporarily Unavailable" so please call me on 0115 845 6434 to make payment on your account. If you need bank details let me know but as I said above, we must receive payment today in order to process this. Regards Quid Market I have replied with: I don't see why you are being rude towards me I have not been towards yourselves! As for the non-existent email address which is why there was no reply - why are you putting this non-existent email address on the loan agreement? below is what it states I have also for your information attached the PDF file you sent me along with this email You have the right to withdraw from the agreement before the end of 14 days beginning with the day after you receive a copy of the final agreement. You can exercise this right by writing to us at Foxhall Business Centre, Foxhall Road, Nottingham, NG7 6LH or calling or emailing us at [email protected] If you withdraw you must return any monies paid to us within 30 days of exercising your right of withdrawal and pay interest accrued from the date you are given the money to the date you repay us. Please contact us via the number, postal or email address given above if you have any questions or would like further information or clarification about our agreements. I have always repaid the loans to yourselves 3 of which were roll-overs and one payment in full, YOU have always used my debit card to take the amounts due! not me paying you direct. So this is why you have been chasing me which I don't see right, AS I have had to keep on email you!. What charges are you quoting? - And you are quoting that I have to make payment today where have you got that idea from? I have to make payment in line with the terms of the loan contract which state Right of Withdrawal: You have the right to withdraw from this Loan Agreement within 14 days without having to give any reason. The period ofwithdrawal begins from the latest of the day on which the agreement is made and the day on which the you receive a copy of the Loan Agreement, oryou are notified of its execution where you have an identical unexecuted copy in accordance with section 61A (2) and (3) of the Consumer Credit Act1974 and ends 14 days after that date. If you chose to exercise your right of withdrawal you must notify the debtor of your intention to do so, either inwriting or orally using the contact details provided above. If you do withdraw you must repay to the Creditor, no later than 30 calendar days aftergiving notice of your withdrawal, any monies paid to you under the Loan Agreement and any interest accrued, from the date the credit was provided upuntil the date you repay. Interest will accrue daily in the sum of £1.08 per day. I have attempted to call but your offices are shut I will be checking my emails in the afternoon tomorrow and expect to have your details, I can't believe you are being rude and aggressive, over me using my rights in which you put in your own contracts for us to sign with the exorbitant interest rates!. I may have in the future used your services again but I believe your customer service towards me is unbelievable.... And if I was to complain to your company I would have to use the email address that is NON-EXISTENT wouldn't I! - so what is the email address for complaints/cancelling the agreements? I notice you have not put your name alongside the email address if I were to complain. Kind Regards ***
  18. Hi guys has anybody used this before and do they try and take the full amount owed because I can make a £50 saving by using the right to withdraw?
  19. Got my reply from the council today to inform me it is nothing to do with them they are not responsible for any charges and they believe the charges meet the codes of practice, Does anybody know what action I can take now I have written to both parties and they are disregarding my complaint i have paid the full amount already
  20. Hi Guys I got the reply from Newlyn regarding fees/charges They say the usual £24.50 £18 £41 £105 but the £105 charge for van hire is wrong even if the other fee's are correct? Because from what i understand is that to charge (For one attendance with a vehicle with a view to recover goods after the levy has been made under this heading) and the levy fee and van fee was added the day i got the levy charge for my neighbours vehicle? Grateful for your help
  21. Yeah actually I don't realise that... I am sure thats what they told me I will be ringing the council tomorrow morning, And the bailiff can remove all the excess charges. However I only know of the bailiff coming on the 24th when they put the letter through the letter box. If they did arrive on the other two dates then I never had a letter or card left to say they had arrived.
  22. Thanks for your help I have sent Newlyns the letter and not had a reply. letter was sent on the 4th September. I phoned them yesterday and asked about the reply and they said there is no letter been sent and if I complain then they withhold my right to pay by instalments even though the final payment of ripped off charges is due on Thursday gave me one month to pay the other £188.50. I also contacted the council regarding the charges and they said again it's nothing to do with them and contact Newlyns I also asked when was the Liability order obtained and he told me the 15/08/2011. Once I have paid then I will complain about the charges so then they can't pop round and add/double there charges and will then forward my complaint to the LGO after 12 weeks will update when no more.
  23. They told me on the phone the breakdown is for three visits but I don't get how it comes to that figure they told me If I don't pay up now they will continue to send bailiffs and add extra fees and charges in arrordance with the law! I don't get what you mean by LO? if you mean Local Authority then no I paid the Newlyns the about of £494.66 plus the 3% credit card charge! I then said I would complain about the charges as I am happy to pay the first but not the rest the rude women told me that if I don't pay the full amount including the £188.50 charge then bailiffs will continue. so she has given me 10 days to pay the charge of the £188.50 but if I complain then they withhold the right to stop the agreement! How is this fair?
  24. I was just wondering if anybody could help me on Saturday when we got home we had a letter of distress which states that we owe £680.16 they had noted a car which isn't ours on the distress form which we are meant to sign that if we don't pay the amount in full within 5 days they will take to sell. However number 1 is the car isn't ours and even if it were ours they would get about £3500 easy but the debt is £680.16 so how does this work? 2) this is the first we have heard about the bailiffs because as far as we are concerned the local council wrote a letter which states they are seeking to make us bankrupt? and had the letter to reply by the 26th (Monday) So how do they come to the fee of £188.50? on that Monday I phoned the council regarding the letter and asked how they come to these fee's they said the bailiffs had come on the 1/8/11 13/8/11 and the 24/8/11 which is all lies apart from the last 1. the fee should only be £24.50 i asked where did they get the other £164 from? they told me to contact newlyn's regarding that, so i phone newlyns they state that due to the 3 visits which was only 1 from the letter put through our door thats how the charges were!. I am not going to pay for something that isn't true and asked where the proof is she said I would have to prove they never came to the house in order to remove the charges I asked to speak to a manager but was unable to so I paid the council tax and said I will be complaining about the charges and won't be paying nothing other than the first visit charge of £24.50 until it was proved otherwise! I was wondering if they can still get these charges fixed although I know they have only come to the house on saturday when they posted the letter of distress what action can I take the council aren't in listening to my complaint regarding the excessive? Thanks in advance
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