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  1. Forgive my lack of perception but how do I claim for 1/6th of a motorhome? Assuming I went the whole hog from the outset, is there a source of an example letter, or template that you could direct me to, please Will
  2. It was always my intent to seek recompense myself. Which piece, or pieces, of legislation should I be looking at to pursue this, please? Will
  3. I'm putting up the list of faults, based on what I said and considered before: No dealer, or manufacturer name. A chronological list, date ordered and with the dealer's response. Minimal narrative, except where I think it expands/clarifies the point. It's an extensive and lengthy list. If there is any way I can improve the presentation, someone please say, don't just change it. Here yer go - and remember: this was a brand new, £60,000+ motorhome, bought partex and cash. No finance. 30th November 2017: During Initial Handover: - water pipe disconnected from boiler: hot
  4. Your post appeared on my screen after I pressed 'send' - but thanks for returning the focus back to the issue in question Will
  5. Whilst you two sort out the detail................... I've considered what's been said and no, I'm not naming the dealer - yet. I'm asking for help and advice, not someone to go to war on my behalf and I thought that was a part of what CAG was all about. I'm not looking to broadcast my complaint to the world so the misguided can jump all over it and raise a storm of protest about a dealer who may, however unlikely, yet provide a solution. There's nothing to hide, no 'vanity', no 'secret squirrel' and certainly no hidden agenda. There's also nothing to be gained by alienating the deal
  6. Thanks, Bankfodder. That too seems to be an encouraging response. My only question in response is who determines that the faults undermine the purpose of the contract? In my eyes it certainly does. It frequently fails to function as a competent motorhome. I'm certain the manufacturer and retailer will disagree, at which point I guess it will be left to a court of law to determine? I haven't yet named the manufacturer and dealer because I'd like to know the thickness of the ice on which I perch before bringing out the big guns. No good saying I want to reject it and
  7. That's an encouraging response. However: No, it's not Marquis and no, we paid hard earned cash - as in bank transfer. I'll put up all the details in chronological order. It will take me a while to scroll through all the correspondence, most is by email and we are away from home. My original question has been prompted by: "Not again! I've had enough of this!!" Please bear with me whilst I compile a list. Will
  8. Could someone please point me at the appropriate bit of legislation that best suits the following problem. Hints regarding any known, suitable course of action would be appreciated as well. Rather than ask loads of questions on here, I’d like to try and work out what to do, then ask questions when I’m aware of the basics. There are no names and no pack drill as I don’t want to alienate a dealer -yet. It’s tricky to decide what is unnecessary detail, so I’ll take advice on how much I should post here but in short: We are experienced and extensively travelled
  9. I had been following this thread with great interest, quite a bit of difficulty (due 'text-speak') and now with growing scepticism. Does anyone else know what is happening, now - or have I missed something? Willumn
  10. Just out of interest, does anyone know which bit of LAW they are using to yet again lay traps for the motorist. I ask this because there seems to be some considerable doubt as to the enforceability of their 'fines' for failing to declare SORN, etc. As far as I understand it, only Councils and Law Courts can levy fines. Willum
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