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  1. DFD are a debt management company. They will have reserved some money from my payments to pay for BR should I fail the IVA. I have no assets true but don't want my name in the papers or my landlord finding out. It is a big step BR.
  2. Hi everyone. My IVA of 5 years has failed and DFD are threatening to pettion for my BR as part of the original IVA agreement unless I come up with a remedy to clear arrears etc. I need to know is there anything I can do at such a late stage to come to a F/F settlement? I have no assets live in a shorthold assured tenancy. BR would give then pennies in the £. Also can I try get a pettion stopped?
  3. Hi I fully understand where you are at with this. Firstly ignore the rude comments from others regarding you not read the contract etc. TBH who does? ARC just keep off the telephone with them. keep all communication in writing. Dont be bullied by the debt company. Also ask them to stop calling you or you will report them to the OFT. Have you sorted this out yet or is it still going on? Howard
  4. kamwendo Ignore CFO's advice. Basically this company are breaching most OFT guidelines with unfair practice. I have had dealings with them and avoid their Resolve product at all costs. This simply is a tactic to get your new bank details to take money out. Offer them £5 a month they can not refuse this and let them add charges etc. The account will pass to an external DCA who will be more supportive to a decent repayment plan ON YOUR TERMS not theirs. Remember these companies are licensed by the OFT and the more complaints customers make will ensure they could loose their licence. I am in an IVA and they still lent me money. I am used to dealing with these people. The courts have no time for them either. Good luck. Mark
  5. Thanks it is a burton card and is not statute barred as it is from 18 months ago. I have not asked them for the cca though. Do you know much about these people? I am very astute with DCA ets but not had dealings with these. I will write to them with my offer and give them my IVA Ref number to confirm my IVA is current.
  6. I am being pursued for a debt £348 a burton card. I am in a IVA and this debt was not included in IVA. I have offered £10 a month when lewis called me and they said they need a I/E form to be filled in. This I refused and said if they are refusing my payment then take me to court. I have now recieved a letter (5 days later) from Howard Cohen threatenning legal action etc usual crap. Has any one had dealings with these? I am happy to pay £10 a month.
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