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  1. Hi Flombay, This is a bit old but you may still be stuck. Take 3 and BNPL are two different things; Take 3 - If you pay 1/3 of your balance, you do not pay interest on the remaining debt. BNPL - Delays the first payment for, say 12 months if it's 12 months BNPL. But you then get backdated interest charged if you don't pay the item off before the BNPL charge date. I would guess the reason for your very variable interest charge is that you are getting BNPL items maturing. For example I owe £1000, my take 3 payment is £330, if I pay that there is no interest. If I p
  2. Hi Lin, From what you are describing then the purchase was 104 Weeks "Interest Bearing Credit" with 12 months "Buy Now Pay Later". To avoid interest the sofa would have to have been paid in full before the 12 months was up. The way the price works is the original price agreed includes interest over 2 years (the 104 weeks) then you have interest for the 12 months added. If you pay with in the 12 months they will knock off all interest and do the cash price. The thing with Littlewoods over Very, is one is a fixed length product so you know it's x per week for y weeks rather than Very w
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