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  1. Hi Lads


    Sorry I have gone off on one, went off grid for a while.


    since we have been in this property, we have had two previous estate agencies, and the third agency sent a copy of the new tenancy agreement, which was supposed to have arrived by post for signing, to date this has never arrived and we have never signed the new agreement, so  Im assuming we don't have an agreement?

  2. 3 hours ago, unclebulgaria67 said:

    Your local Council should have details of Housing choices in your area.


    Here is some information about how long the landlord has to give you, before you need to leave the property.



    A tenancy agreement is a contract between you and a landlord - ending a tenancy, changing a tenancy, tenancy types and assured shorthold tenancies


    Many thanks for this, very interesting reading 

  3. 3 hours ago, Bazooka Boo said:

    This is private rent I'm guessing?


    There is ooodles of charities out there for us to tap into for housing.


    It's just knowing where to look and who's cage to rattle.


    Steer clear of social housing is my advice, stick with private LL's and seek out the ones who will give you a long term let so you'll have some stability.


    Depending on your cap badge they will have an association you can tap into for advice and some, like mine, have their own housing stock specifically for veterans of that cap badge.


    There is HAIG housing, and STOLL, I think there is a waiting list, but get your name down anyhow.


    And there is always your Armed forces champion at your local authority, get onto them ASAP and see if they can assist in some way, they may know what is available for veterans in the area.

    Thanks Buddy, I will contact my regimental association se if they can help

  4. 3 hours ago, The GodMother said:

    Sorry to here this. The landlord sounds lovely, being more worried about rent money than the tenant as he could have asked better questions IMO. 

    Have you got official paperwork as if so you could go to the council. They might be able to help. 

    Yes, I just think he is shallow, anyway I thank you for responding, the doomsday letter has been sent out to me apparently, I will take it to the council see if they can help in someway, one minute i was doing ok the next im told pack up....and move on......im all over the place mentally now....


  5. Good Morning Everyone


    Is it possible someone can help me please?


    I have been with the same landlord for 12 years, in 2018 he discovered I am suffering from CPTSD, after he noticed I was sleeping in the box room, the wife explained it was due to me being ill, the wife mentioned to him that I was suffering from CPTSD, he panicked and asked "but he is still working" which I was at that time,  2019, saw me lose my Job after the company I was working for managed me out of the business by gas lighting me,


    What is Gaslighting?  

    Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where a person or group makes someone question their sanity, perception of reality, or memories. People experiencing gaslighting often feel confused, anxious, and unable to trust themselves.




    I then couldn't pay my rent for 4 months, I turned to the RBL, who eventually after a length battle involving my MP paid my rent arrears.........But now the dye was cast, the landlord at that point I believe decided to get us out of the property.........


    Friday the 28th of May 2021.......the Landlord informed us that he wanted to retire, and he was selling the property, I used to work with my landlord some years ago, he worked as a contractor, it is clear that he has spent the rent we gave to him for al those years and not provided a pension for himself, I have mentioned this to other estate agents who have stated that he must be mad to sell up.......so I dont think he is.....he just wants rid of us because im ill


    My question is, I have CPTSD and this has been diagnosed Iam registered disabled, what are my rights, what can I do.....I have a short space of time to find affordable accommodation



    Please Help







  6. Original loan was £5000 unsecured over 5 years, 28 payments remaining, he wanted to extend it back up to 5 year.........the bank offered him £6700 to clear his credit card and the bank loan, £135 per month from the original figure of £121 


    One debt of two years old and one debt of 15 months





  7. My son was offered an extension to his current loan, with Barclays, they saw him as a good risk due to surplus money still in his account each month, the extension was to include his Barclay Card, all finances including external credit loans and personal circumstances were taken into consideration, and they still saw him as a good risk.......


    he was declined today....He didn't ask to have his loan extended but they said he was pre approved and they could help him and he would be financially better off, which is true he would be.......apparently his outgoings were to much in relation to his income which is totally rubbish..its only 47% out goings 


    So we would like to make an official hard hitting complaint


    Thanks to all who read my jottings


  8. Im Joshuas father


    Im authorised to speak on his behalf due to Joshuas Autism, I think going forward I need advice about where I stand today, in the previous threads things have become very confused and I don't think that it will help us in any way referring to those threads, perhaps if we start again might help all concerned and get a result, so if we just deal with the facts, or should we start a new thread and delete all previous what do you think BF??



    Thank you very much for all your very kind help



  9. Hi BF


    Sorry just got your message crossed, here is the dealers response





    As per my previous email we were able to look at the car, had arranged pre lockdown to look at the car and were able to receive communication throughout lockdown.

    A simple call or email from yourself (or the vehicles owner Joshua) would have taken less than a minute.

    Disappointingly it appears to me now that you have pressed on with work with the intention all along of using the appalling pandemic we have experienced to have work carried out on your car completely at our expense without any form of authorisation whatsoever.

    I will be speaking to the finance company this morning once they are open as ultimately they own the Porsche until it is paid for and will outline the steps we took prior to lockdown to have the vehicle looked at and the steps you have taken to simply press on with spending money on the vehicle with no prior authorisation from ourselves.

    I will also let them know I have been in communication with the owners father rather than Joshua himself and they will probably want to discuss what has happened with Josh directly as he is the owner of the vehicle.

    I will update once I have spoken to them later on this morning.

    My offer still stands of a £250 gesture of goodwill.



  10. Hi Manxman


    Thank you for coming back to me, the report highlights various suspension component failure, such as all four dampers need replacing, the springs are ok the dampers need to be replaced and other stability supporting components, the report states the failures, but doesn't actually say un roadworthy, im sure that if I asked the company supplying the report that would mention it was un roadworthy at the point of purchase, one concerning point they mentioned during the investigation was the rear anti roll bar being heavily corroded, and the fact that it is known if they fail it will have dire and fatal consequences. 


    Im not trying to get the dealer to pay for the brakes it was my decision to get those fixed along with a couple of electrical starter switches, this was necessary for my mom to get to work and make the car safer than she was.


    I agree the dealer and I got off to a bad start and I'm keen to mend bridges, I have mentioned to him already a couple of favourable options where he can recoup his money possible by claiming VAT back from receipts, and  if he agrees I will again contribute, in short I will take the bigger hit financially, im trying to work with him as opposed to upsetting him and the negativity that brings, I guess we will have to wait and see now, I don't think I can be any fairer than I am at the moment and I hope he can see that, and if all else fails I will reject the car back to the finance company, I have to sadly draw a line under this situation as we are spending a decent amount of money on HP for this car.


     This is only my oppinion and that is the dealer knew this car was Modified and he knew that the car needed work doing to it, it was stated to us by the saleman that all cars receive a service and a pre delivery inspection before a customer picks the car up, this could not have been done because when I mentioned the brakes had travel on them I was told they are sports brakes and take a long time to heat up, the brakes were complete useless to the point of being scary at times, further more we checked the MOT history on line and the failures we have today were an MOT advisory some years ago, the next two MOT's showed no faults with the chassis this gave us confidence along with the brilliant reviews on the dealers website to go ahead and purchase this vehicle, the truth of the matter is the first report we had done by a reputable independent service specialist highlighted issues previously found on the historical MOT's, we were also told that the car would have a service this wasn't done either because had that have been carried out they would have found the engine modifications that my service specialist has found....we are not dealing with a shabby company here if the reviews are to be believed, so I'm quite convinced they took this vehicle in as a part exchange realised it was modified and tried to get rid of it as quickly as possible.


    Im very down hearted about the whole thing really, we took the car thinking we had bought an older car but one that had been through Car Quays servicing and  PDI checks and with the brilliant reviews this gave us confidence to buy, even now the dealer in his latest email to me is on the defensive.....stark contrast to the brilliant reviews on his website.




    We Will See What Happens......im sick of bartering for a car which was mis described to me in the original advert and sold to me in an un roadworthy state....this cant be right





    Kind Regards




  11. Hi Manxman and good morning


    We were both aware of a modified exhaust on the car that was the only visible sign we noted at the time of purchase, the original auto trader advert makes no mention of any modifications, the car was being sold for 15K we gave £3k deposit and the dealer reduced the price of the car by another £2k


    Yes the suspension and safety features are still out standing, I recently within the last two weeks had a very lengthy and concise report generated by a specialist chassis company on the advice of Porsche Owners Club UK to fully understand the level of road worthiness, this didn't make good reading and to put right the car would need an investment of £3,500 roughly and this has been supplied to the dealer.


    Yes your quite right the whole Covid 19 Pandemic has really caused a lot of problems, yes the dealer mentioned and we agreed for the car to stay with me until some sort of normality arrives, and we both would look again at the issues surrounding the car 


    In total honesty I didn't inform the dealer, we all looked at the dealers website and truly believed that he had ceased trading and was under lockdown regulations, also felt that it would be unfair to try and contact him with the pandemic the way it was working out, my mother is a Specialist Covid 19 Nurse and because she needs to be on call and to carry out her vital work, we elected to pay for the brakes to try and make the car as safe as we could at that time for her 


    I have contacted the dealer as mentioned in the previous thread, and he now knows that we are prepared to wave the £2170 spent one the car to date, this is because of the necessity for the car to be safe for my mom at this very crucial time, we understand the car is 12 year old car and expected to pay at some point for repairs, consumables etc, but at the very least the car should have been road worthy at the point of sale which it wasn't and still isn't partially.



    Thank you for coming back to me Manxman




    Kind Regards






  12. Hi Guys


    its been a long time, I hope you are all well and have made it through this pandemic.


    Unfortunately we have had to use the car much as we didn't want to,

    my wife is a state registered Nurse and works on a Covid 19 ward,

    the loss of her car has meant we needed to use the Porsche,


    I have paid for brakes etc snd some electrical work totalling £2170,

    I have also had the car assessed on my wife's day off and find that a lot of suspension work needs carrying out, this amounts to £3500


    a report has been generated by the company and I have furnished this to the dealer.

    total bill as you can see guys is £5670.....


    .that said if I can get the dealer to agree the £3500 I will wave the £2170 I have paid so far,

    he possibly could claw back through his VAT about a £1000 I hope this seems fair?




    Kind Regards



  13. Yes things have changed with myself and the dealer for the better, he agreed with me it would be better for me to have the car back due to this COVID19 health concern, as I can at least monitor the battery and make sure it doesn't go flat, I can also keep the engine going so she doesn't seize up.


    These are going to be challenging times for us all, especially our business community, I do in all sincerity feel sympathy for the dealer after he told me that a lot of his work force are off sick.


    I think like a lot of businesses he will need all the help he can get, and the last thing he needs at this moment in time is more issues from a customer.


    The dealer and I agree that we will re visit this concern in the future when things return to some sort of normality.


    But Like you say Bank, that might be a long time


    All the best to you guys and thank you all for your very kind help 

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  14. UPDATE: Dealer collected the car from my home address on Tuesday, I have heard nothing back from the dealer so I sent an enquiry for information regarding the course of action with my car and still heard nothing back, so I remember the owner telling me they use Zentrum a Porsche specialist in Nottingham for all their warranty work, so I phoned them to find out if they know anything about my car or if its booked in, not booked in nothing?


    Apparently the car is just sitting there according to the person I spoke to on the phone


    This is a highly specialist car, and it cant just go to anybody to be fixed


    I don't have a warm feeling about this, from the formal letter sent to the dealer the request for a realistic work and time schedule for the car hasn't been sent to me either?


    Im tempted to collect the car tomorrow and release it back to them when they can, progress the car diligently.



    Kind Regards



  15. Yes he did telephone me, after I sent the letter you asked me to send Bankfodder 

    and the apologetic E Mail, to him for sending that letter in the first place.


    Yes we thought it was very nice of him to reduce the price of the vehicle, and we thanked him for his very kind offer


    But it still doesn't get away from the fact that the vehicle has been mis described in a published advert on Autotrader


    Yes I will be happy if they fix the brakes and suspension

  16. Hi Manxman


    Yes I think your righting I will take your advice.


    The dealer left a voice mail to my father the day he received the letter asking for myself and my father to contact him, sadly my father is very ill, and suffers from loss of memory as part of his condition, and I was in a meeting at 07.00 when I'm being bombarded by the dealer continuously with phone calls, the dealer mentioned within his voice mail for us to contact him at our leisure at a time to suit both my father and I

    When we didn't respond by the end of the day and judging by the content and feel of the email sent to us by the end of that day, he became quite annoyed by making statements about the negotiations....which we felt was unfair given that the dealer had offered a reduction in price not me.


    I might be wrong but I don't feel things with this dealer will go well  despite glowing reports from their customers.


    How business  owners deal with customers who might be difficult, have a problem or something has gone wrong with a product......really shows the true side of their business


    So we will wait and see


    Kind Regards 



  17. There are one or two items picked up that weren't mentioned initially so I attached these to the list of faults with hope that these would be fixed alongside the suspension and brake discs etc.


    I think your help from all concerned, especially you Bank have been incredible, and so very helpful, I must apologise to you all without reservation, it has not been my intention to mislead or give half truths, just trying to put the facts across as I see them even if this appears misleading....but again I do sincerely apologise.


    I will as you say use your very kind draft of a letter to be presented to the dealer, would you advise E Mail or Normal Post?


    Again thank you for all your very kind help all of you with this concern. I will keep you informed as to the response I receive from the dealer. 



  18. Im very sorry if you feel I have misled you in the course of this conversation


    The only thing I am interested in is the brakes and suspension being fixed thats all here is the Porsche specialists report, which shows significantly more issues than mentioned in the E Mail sent to the dealer  shown above 


    Hope this helps, I have highlighted in the report the points that were raised to the dealer prior to picking up the car










    Dont forget the vehicle is being bought on finance

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