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  1. Next letter received. "We are still processing your request and have contacted the original lender for the relevant information" Goes on to say unenforceable, balance remains outstanding, They will mail me the requested information once they receive it. Assume a bog standard letter. Waiting game.
  2. Thanks for input. Will wait to see what they send, if anything, and post up for advice..
  3. Letter received from Cabot - "Unfortunately do not have relevant information on file" Requesting from original lender. Will write within 12 days with an update. Requesting I get in contact to make a plan. Suspect they will get a CCA from Lloyds so ned to think of how to proceed if they do supply one. Lloyds did cancel the credit card and accepted £5 per month and no interest. Do not want to pat the DCA.
  4. Thanks Andy. Things becoming a little clearer, very difficult to keep up to speed, I will look at the information in the links you have provided to see if I can make sense of them. My feeling is that Cabot will not have the agreement, not sure forwarding the agreement would be part of the sale of the debt by Lloyds, but that Lloyds will have a copy which they can dig out. Guess need to wait for the outcome of the CCA request in a couple of weeks.
  5. The reason for writing would be to inform then I would not be paying and hopefully prevent further correspondence. I assume from your reply that this is not advisable and the best course of action would be to simply ignore.
  6. CCA request sent to Cabot today. Assume still 12+2 days to response. Gives time to plan a course of action. If they cannot respond with the agreement do I write and said no more payments?
  7. Out of interest, why has it been moved to Lloyds. The debt has been sold to a DCA. Would it not be better in the DCA section?
  8. Thanks, will go to library and print off the latest letter. Probably have one on file but best to use latest.
  9. It is the credit card that is the issue. Cancelled by Lloyds, repayment plan in place then sold to Cabot. carried on paying Lloyds using paying in slips provided. Eventually they refused and have paid Cabot small amounts infrequently. Now would like to sort this out one way or another. Hence thinking a CCA request would be the first step. Would this be the best way forward?
  10. Payments made last year, small amounts £5 or £2. The old thread was Moorcroft chasing Lloyds - last post made in 2017, was summary. Main focus of energy then was to get a Loan SB'd which was successful. I have pasted post as a summary of situation: Got round to asking Lloyds for statement of account on CC. As expected eventually got a reply from Cabot, who now own the debt. Long story CC was cancelled by LTSB and we came to a repayment plan, which at time of sale to Cabot was £5 per month. Looking to reduce it. Current balance £1400. As ever they threaten to demand payment in full if agreement not honoured. Lloyds agreed to £5 per month August 2014, subject to periodic review - no detail as to this timescale. I do not wish to stir up a hornets nest, but tempted to reduce it, without informing them and continue to pay cash at local Lloyds branch. Two questions really - as credit card cancelled, no agreement other than the £5 with Lloyds, could Cabot demand full payment if default on the £5 per month. I did continue to pay Lloyds directly for a long while, eventually they stopped accepting and referred me to Cabot since when only made small infrequent payments. No plan with them just the odd letter but now talking about CCJ. Feel a little stronger to tackle them now. As previously suggested I am thinking a CCA request to Cabot to start off with.
  11. Thanks, eventually found what I was looking for - had to click on see all activity button at the top of page on the right. Take it there is no direct access to started threads now.
  12. Hi Been away for a while. Logged on but cannot find how to access my previous threads. Can someone please help. I have just started a new topic but would like to look at the previous threads to refresh my rapidly diminishing memory. Regards, Intend
  13. Hi Cabot's now threatening CCJ for a very old credit card debt. Had a previous thread for this, which I now cannot seem to see how to locate this. Was a long ongoing thread coupled with a loan which is now SB. Long saga - debt with Lloyds. They cancelled the credit card, no interest charged, repayment plan for £5 per month. Balance in excess of £1200. Then sold to Cabot - no documentation to confirm. Paid Cabot small amounts on irregular basis but now want to get to grips with the situation and looking for advice. First thoughts were to send a CCA request so see what that throws up. Any advice welcome Regards Intend
  14. Happy to stick to one thread, purpose of thread in CRA section was to target responses re the Goodwill Adjustment. Lack of response from Caggers to this would indicate it to be at best a very rare occurrence, if used at all. She has been via one mortgage broker who was unable to help. Appears only route at moment is to stay with Barclays. Guess she will need a specialist broker who specialises in those with credible file issues. Arrears have now been paid off - not sure how this will reflect on her credit file.
  15. I have threads elsewhere re a repayment plan (6 months) with Barclays Mortgages during a maternity leave. Arrears now paid, trying to re-mortgage but with great difficulty. Not really advised of dire consequences of this decision, trying to get SAR info but no luck with telephone recordings as yet. Complaint handler appear sympathetic but who knows to what extent. Looked at Which website and they mentioned a Goodwill Adjustment letter which I have never heard of. Intention of this thread was to see if anybody had used this to remove bad markers from their credit files.
  16. Hi, has anybody had direct experience of using a Goodwill Adjustment letter to a creditor to have a bad marker removed from file? Came across this on the Which website Looking to see if it might be worthwhile for a late payment issue where poor advice was given, especially re consequences. All payments quickly made up so no outstanding credit issues. I know this relies on creditor having some empathy which is rare.
  17. Got to find for a really good broker to help. Has anybody on this site got recommendations for a broker or mortgage company that could help. Site team - Would it be worth starting a new thread for this request and if so which section should it be opened in?? Thanks in advance Intend
  18. She has about 33% equity in the property and current mortgage payments are affordable.
  19. Think the increase is due to end of fixed term and switch to SRV. Going to see her later to today to clarify. Hopefully can arrange a remortgage on more favourable terms and pay of the arrears.
  20. Daughter now in tears - just got a letter from Barclays advising mortgage payments increasing by £340 a month. Given the impact of the payment plan on her credit file she is not hopeful of getting a better deal. Assuming it has gone from fixed rate to their SVR. Really need some help.
  21. Paid full amount following end of payment plan and has now taken a Covid 19 payment holiday.
  22. Barclays now stating they are unable to supply transcript of telephone conversation relating to the payment plan due to Covid 19 restrictions. Fear just a stalling tactic. As stated by London 1971 inclined to report them to ICO, but unsure of the benefits to my daughter and whether she or I have the energy to do so. She is very stressed and just wants the matter resolved. I realise this will take a very long time to clear and I am trying to focus on the process rather than the outcome. One step at a time.
  23. Still trying to get to the bottom of this. Her CRA shows the six months of reduced payments as late payments as follows: You have arrears on your account Up to two months late. Lender has argeed to vary payments for a time - 1 Nov 19 to 1 May 2020. The following 6 months entries then shown as: latest 2 entries as 1 month late 4 entries as 2 months late Questions - 1) why recorded as late? and 2) why different length of lateness? The arrangement ended in March 2020 Still unsure of how these agreed late payments SHOULD be recorded. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  24. ACal1 - have you the exact details of what has been reported by Barclays to the CRAs?
  25. Just come across the BBA/ICO document - Reporting Arrears and Arrangements and Defaults at Credit Reference Agencies. Section 3 might be useful as a way forward. HAs anyone experience of this in dealing with reduced payments?
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