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  1. I cant say that this is for sure but i worked for carphone warehouse for a while and to my understanding if you had a mobile phone contract out with provider when the end of the contract comes they carry on until you give them 30 days notice to end it, you even have to give them notice 30 days before the date of the end of the contract you are in. I have never heard that orange 'revert' your contract to something previous, or indeed change it in any way, they just keep it going for as long as they can basically hoping that you dont realise youve come to the end of your contract. It might be helpful if you went into one of the carphone warehouse branches and asked a consultant about this issue, they maybe able to give you some helpful advice, they do usually know quite a bit about the different mobile companies policies. Hope this has helped. Fiona
  2. Well I didnt reply or acknowledge the letter and now i have recieved a letter from their solicitors demanding the money within a certain amount of time with the extra amount that i will owe if it goes to court . Do I just continue to ignore it? Will they send a debt collector to my door and what will i do if one turns up?? I must admit I am rather worried by this. Do I have to tell them who I am when they turn up at my door, I mean if i tell them that im not the person that they are looking for do I have to provide proof to them in my own home that im not?? just really unsure about the whole thing.
  3. thankyou all for your replies, up until now i have either ignored the letters or sent them back return to sender unknown at this address, no one has ever turned up on my doorstep, although i have heard that a couple of debt collectors turned up recently at my previous address, i think this may be beacause it is getting close to the 6 years and they realise they are running out of time? Im not someone that avoids debts as to be fair i never got behind with anything until my ex came along and hijacked my finances and ruined my credit . He seems to of got off scott free whilst my good name has been besmirched! Still a valuable lesson has been learned.
  4. I was with someone who put his business in my name and when it all went up in smoke left me to deal with the debt it had accrued. This was in 2004/5 how long are they likely to pursue this debt? I have managed to avoid any contact with them as i changed my name but have recently received a letter from a company called Fredrickson International Limited in my old name at my new address asking me to contact them. The letter actually says: " We have made enquiries for confirmation of your current place of residence. Information has been received confirming that your address details have changed to this address. Due to data protection legislation details of the account are not included in this letter. Please call us immediately on the following number and quote the above reference for more information." I am a single mum on working/child tax credit and cannot afford to pay back this debt that i did not run up. I have heard somewhere that there is a statute of limitations on the amount of time they can chase a debt, is this in fact true or will i have to bite the bullet and declare bankruptcy to put an end to this endless chasing by debt collection agencies? Can someone please help?
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