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  1. Hi Guys I just need some advice re: work matters To cut a long story short, My manager went on maternity leave, the deputy manager took over and since she did we did not get on. I was signed off work with stress for about 5 seperate weeks. This has also led me to have a gastro illness, which is being investigated, which ive also been signed off work for. During this time i didnt feel i could go to the board regarding my issue with the acting manager. I tried to resolve them myself with her on 2 occasions. However more recently, i was signed off for 2 weeks again because of 'stress'...as well as work related, this was due to my grandad passing away.. I emailed the president during this time and told him how I had been treated by the acting manager and aired several problems that had happened. I am due back to work on monday and I received an email today saying that: "You have previously been advised by the assistant manager that your level of sickness is causing us problems. The situation has since worsened and I have to tell you that, as a small organisation, we cannot sustain such high levels of sickness in an employee. Consequently you are instructed to attend a formal sickness interview on your return to work. You are strongly advised to attend this meeting with your union representative. Please advise me as soon as possible of your expected date of return. I should point out that if you do not return to work by the end of this month we may be forced to meet and make a decision in your absence (your union representative would be welcome at such a meeting). For your information our records show your sickness for the year as 59 and a half days. However, almost all of this (53 and half days) has occurred since May" - (This is a few months after the 'acting manager' took over and 8 weeks have all been certified by my doctor) Also the following was said: "In your recent email to me you make numerous allegations against the assistant manager. I take these matters very seriously and have already undertaken an initial investigation but have found very little substance in your complaint. You can pursue this complaint as a formal grievance in which case I will provide the assistant manager with a complete list of your complaints against her so that she can prepare her defence and obtain union representation. However, my investigation has brought to our attention a number of matters that require us to institute disciplinary proceedings against you. Disciplinary hearing- gross misconduct This will take place in conjunction with the formal sickness interview. You will be required to answer the following: That you have misrepresented your hours worked and have not worked the additional hours you requested and that we agreed and paid for. That you have accessed confidential management records and emails contrary to the confidentiality agreement you have signed. You must not return to work without first contacting myself" So based on the above. My sickness has all been stress related, that the doctor can agree was all caused by work. The Gross Misconduct issues... 1. I did not intentionally misrepresent my hours. The acting manager was aware of any problems on my time sheet and brought these up with me. I explained that sometimes I did the time sheet at the end of the week, and I may have honestly made a mistake in regards to the time entered as I did not remember, and she agreed this. As there was CCTV to show me coming in a different time than I had put down. I did not dispute this, as through my sickness, I'm aware I may have made mistakes unintentionally. I also said any time I owed I would make up by not taking lunch or coming into work early. She also agreed this would be ok. So I dont understand why this is now 'gross misconduct' as she was fully aware and I explained myself to her? 2. I did not access confidential management documents. In the email to the board, i merely stated that 'minutes' from a meeting including details of my 'illness' which is saved on the server and any member of staff could access if they wanted to. I actually saw what was written on a print out left on the printer, and didnt think I did anything wrong? I did not click onto the files or view them, so how can that be seen as Gross Misconduct? Theres no proof that they have of this? Can they dismiss me for these purposes or for sickness? As the disciplinary procedure is verbal, written, final warning before dismissal? I have contacted my union rep, but wont be able to speak to them until monday now. I know the acting manager has pulled these issues up to obviously try and get rid of me, and I have contemplated resigning due to the high level of stress i have experienced. I just want to know if I'm looking at warnings/verbal warnings etc...or dismissal.
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