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  1. I think that's suspicious, doesn't sound professional. Ask them to re-deliver it and if they 'accidently' don't, wait until they deliver it at the depot. Do you know what company they are calling from? Ring the official depot Ask for their names, and if they do have a parcel for you it will obviously have your name and address on, so asking them for that may catch them out if they randomly put it through your door. (Unless they already know your name) - ask if it has a return address on and if so do you recognise it? Also, ask your neighbours because they may have had similar ones. It
  2. (apologies if i haven't put this in the right forum!) i recently sold an item through ebay, the buyer payed through paypal and i sent the item using royal mail international signed for to the united states. The buyer claimed not to have received anything and opened a dispute on paypal who then asked me to provide a copy of the receipt and the tracking number. On the royal mail website it says its been delivered, but they haven't added a copy of the signature because after speaking to them they "don't need to" - so paypal have closed the case in the buyers favour just because no signature
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