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  1. The hotel is 'Hope Street Hotel'. If you do stay here, just look after your bags. Have a nice time in Liverpool whereever you stay!
  2. Hi Martin hmm...I would rather not at this time. We are still waiting to hear back from the hotel manager (the cheque they sent to us to cover costs was not signed!). I will be putting a review on Trip advisor as soon as this is resolved to warn others.
  3. Thank you for your reply...its just all the distress and inconvenience they have not compensated for. We probably won't push it any further.
  4. My advice would be just to apply for it and see what is on there. I don't think you can make things worse by applying.
  5. I have recently stayed in Liverpool for the weekend at a highly rated hotel. On the Sunday, we checked out and the hotel offered to look after our luggage until it was time to get the train home. On returning to the hotel, we booked a taxi to the station and asked for our luggage (which contained our house keys, train tickets, etc), only to find they had given it to other guests (high profile guests) who had already gone to the airport to get a plane to USA. We ended up having to buy more train tickets and getting the neighbours to let us in when we got home. We then had to buy toileteries first thing to keep us going until they found our luggage. The hotel have now returned our luggage, nothing is missing. However, all they have offered is a refund for all the bits we had to buy and another night in the hotel if we ever return to Liverpool. I am just after advice really on whether this is good enough compensation seeing as it was a massive inconvenience and a big screw up by the hotel. Why would we want to stay with them again after this happened the last time? I do not want to appear greedy... Any advice is welcome!
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