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  1. Can someone please advise me on some issues as i am very confused. I was adjudged bankrupt in December 2010 actually to my relief. I was then discharged in December 2011. I have today registered on checkmyfile.com to look at my credit score as i am needing to open a bank account (i do not want credit just simply one to use for day to day payments and bills). Upon checking this i have found that there are a number of accounts that are still on there that were included in my bankruptcy, should they still be there? If not how do i get them removed or have notes added that they were included in the bankruptcy? Also they are all still showing as 'open', surely this should not be the case if they were in the bankruptcy?! Secondly it appears that there has been County Court judgement made in a different court for something also included in the bankruptcy...is it right that they can do this? Can i write to the courts to have this altered? I have not received any notice in writing about it either. So i am not even sure who it is for, how can i find this out?
  2. OK so im a little unsure of all the facts here but i will state what i know and hope someone can give some information to help. I am living with my civil partner and am nearly 23 weeks pregnant, we also have shared residence of her children from previous marriage. She used to reside with her ex who had shared ownership of the house and both names were on the mortgage, now they had some work done on the house which was unsatisfactory but to cut a logn story short they ended up in court and the builder was granted a judgement which then was turned into a final charging order for £7,590 which is accruing interest and charges constantly. Now my partner split with her ex in june 2010 and shortly after this date her ex ceased paying her share of the mortgage putting severe strain on my partner with her ending up with months of worth with depression and anxiety then due to this she fell into arrears with the mortgage and utilities, however she has gone back to work and has an arrangements in place to pay these off now that she is back at work and better in herself. She has this morning received paperwork from Mellor and Jackson solicitors stating that they have applied to court for An order of sale application for the 1st of February, there is other paperwork included with this about the charging order, there is also an independant valuation based on the exterior of the property in with it all and they have valued the property at £100,000, however when my partners ex ceased paying her share of the mortgage she had a valuation done then so that in future her ex cannot claim monies above what the value was when she left, as we are doing works ont he property to get it into a better shape, but anyway when she had it valued it came back with an amount of £95,000 so their figures are not far off. However the outstanding amount on the mortgage is £125,000!! My questions are.....will an order of sale be granted if there is between 25k and 30k negative equity and where do i stand as i have no claim to the property on paper but this is my home and am worried about finding myself homeless while pregnant. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  3. I have been told that i will not recieve anything at all though by several department now even my friend has had to ring up due to me not being able to put my points across without having panick attacks. They have basically said i will only start recieving payment when my claim for esa has been done in about a months time or my IB is reinstated, which is anywhere up to 6 months away.
  4. I am not recieving any form of I.B and when i have spoke to them they have told me my I.B claim has been stopped pending my appeal! Which can take up to 6 months. I was not automatically put on E.S.A, i was told to claim this so did that over the phone and they sent me something to sign, not sure what the form was called, it just reitterated what i had said on the phone to the E.S.A department. The appeal form for the I.B was not labelled with a number, it actually just seemed like a general appeal form, came in a grey booklet and i filled in 2 tear out pages and put another few pages with it with more explanation on it. All with my name and N.I number on them, which conveniently have now gone missing so am having to send them again. I just dont understand how they expect me to live on absolutely nothing at all.
  5. Hi, Really hope someone can help me, i have been claiming I.B. since August 2008 due to mental health, I suffer from severe depression, panic attacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, suicidal thoughts and actions. All this stems from years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse by a now ex partner. I am on several medications to combat all of this, but unfortunately nothing makes it better or makes it go away even for a minute! I recently went for a pca which shortly after found i had been failed on, reading the reasons on the form shocked me, and the person who came with me (as i cannot go out alone)! I had not been asked 99% of the questions on the form. And also in the process of this medical the doctor (and i use this word lightly) told me "you should have been able to stop all this abuse if your partner was smaller than you" and "you should be fine if your no longer with that person"!! This caused me severe distress and upset as you can imagine!! So now my I.B. has been stopped i have an appeal going in.......while this is going ahead i was advised to claim E.S.A (i thought these were the same thing), however i have now been told i will need to go for another assesment and in the meantime i am not entitled to any form of payment due failing my pca?? So i then called income support to see if they can help......and was swiftly told that i could not claim that because it was already included in my esa claim....confused??? so am i!!!! I am not able to get a crisis loan due to them saying im at my limit which i dont agree with so am now also having to fight that also. I have had absolutely no money for 5 weeks now, my landlord is sending me final warning letters as my rent is not being paid, i just want someone to tell me what i can claim, where from and who to call and what to say to them....as i have explained my situation so many times and just got nowhere!! Well aside from the one guy at Incapacity saying "sorry but i think your only options are the citizens advice and the samaritans"!! Please please can anyone help me??
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