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  1. So just to send off the letter and forget about it!
  2. Hi rebel11, Excellent letter. I'll get it off to them. Its scary, we honestly dont have a clue what this is from! I'll keep you all posted on what happens next x
  3. Hi everyone. The other day a letter came to the house from the Scottish Bureu of Investigation asking for my partner, and did she live here. It was addressed to The Occupier. My partner called the number, and was told she would be contacted. Today a letter from the UK Default Recovery arrived and all it says is Cl Finance, Case No, And Debt £5467! Neither I or my partner have a clue what this is from! A few years ago we did get into debt, but it is now all paid off through Lowell. We still have the letters saying that the debt is now paid in full! What should we do!!! P.S. Great site folks. Wish I found you guys earlier
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