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  1. I know what you are saying. It should lead to a major overhaul....the Gov should surely be interested in the Tax Relief claimed by banks etc.... hmmm... (no comment)... Sadly, there is no access to change the petition, it has been checked and authorised by Gov. personnel. Thank you
  2. REMINDER 100,000 signatures needed - please can you assist in trying to obtain.... to enable this to go to House Of Commons... potentially. Every single person that is having trouble with DCAs or Debt buyers should be signing.... no pressure, as the choice is yours of course.... but it would help. Thanks everyone
  3. Thank you sooooo much.... I have run out of ideas.... did send to newspapers...and they didn't respond...too scared hahah. It is on various sites....but anyone is welcome to try any avenues they can think of. COME ON CAGGERS.... GET SIGNING LOL (This is FOR YOUUUU)!!
  4. I know you've been doing great work, helping people get set asides....well on all aspects really, no argument there ;-) It is purely that it DOES all need change, you are right there haha! And to think that £750 Bankruptcy threshold, the debt buyer would have paid under £75, (no point in guessing how much lower) and so the law presently lets them take your home/possessions even though they only paid out way under, hence a big part of my dispute, I want to see how much they paid, I expect the judge to view this figure. I don't think it is unreasonable. I argue that what was unsecured should never be changed to secured as that wasn't what was applied for from offset. The latter is interesting (boom boom)....no seriously, some interest rates were raised and raised. The FOS occasionally look at whether there was good cause in the raises, paperwork and explaination. To think some started at maybe 14% and went to 29% especially if people miss a payment or so. (Just example). Judges need a heads up on everything. I may seem like I want the impossible, but I am trying to do this for everyone's sake, a lot of thought and experience has led to this petition.
  5. I am definitely stunned as thought many of this forum would jump on it. Years of upset experienced here by so many members, I know some doubt it will go anywhere....but with that negative view, we don't know. I have placed it in as many places as I can think of, messaged lots of website peeps, advisory groups all kinds of places....LOL... Have some faith peeps...if we reach target, there is a chance to get it heard. It's a hot topic with government, re. tax evasion...I kind of liken this to banks and tax relief and then do DCAs claim again when they either re-sell OR can't retrieve....it's a bit deep, but in a nutshell... It is NOT just people that have had Statutory Demands that need to sign it is ALL people that have experienced debt collectors, buyers and any other debt advisory that sees the harmful behaviour. Like I keep saying nobody denies they may have owed money to bank or credit card company etc, but these companies PREY and even will go out of their way to acquire two or three (or more) of a person's accounts from various sources and add them together. It doesn't seem possible to rely fully on the laws, the regs. or as in older cases unenforceability, nor terminated accounts... I consider Courts are favouring DCAs too often
  6. Many thanks citizen! Do you mean the title on this forum. I can't access the actual petition at all. But indeed, if you can come up with a better title on here, if you can access feel free to try to grab that attention
  7. Dasby, thank you so much for this! I am sorry to hear you also suffer so much stress, but also glad you managed to find a resolve It is diabolical as any DCA may only have paid below the bankruptcy threshold, say for example in your £2500 debt, they only paid £250 (probably less) then this demonstrates they will stop at nothing to get their profit. The horrendous cost that would have occurred with Bankruptcy is beyond unfair! I placed the petition, fully hoping (somehow) that 100,000 people would sign and obviously that is mega! But it is so far disappointing to see lack of response. It is on forums, blogs, social networks. If you are reading this, please please sign everyone, even if you think it won't affect you! The Law totally allows for this to happen. The OFT do rule that Statutory Demands shouldn't be a first collection technique, but be assured it is happening! Even if you think you prefer a DCA to buy your debts, note that courts are upholding and debt buyers winning! If everyone can please SHARE/TWEET and keep doing it, to try hard to get these signatures, it stands a chance of being heard in the House Of Commons. Also anyone with such experiences, please write to the FCA who are taking over from OFT at the end of March. Write to 10 Downing (can be emailed online)....if they get enough, at least they will read it hopefully and mention the fact banks claim tax relief/Insurance...when they sell. We all know what we are up against but if you sit back, nothing will ever improve. Thanks all
  8. LOL thanks 'know all' for making us laugh, shame about the dreadful typos in that write up! Agreed, rotten to the core
  9. Dislike, LOL. Proves the humongous profits made out of other people's misery and mis-fortune. The quote: fair ethical bit is utter pork pies of course, as they are known to be rather heavy handed to get their way. They misuse Statutory Demands for one! I read this as a brag about how much they think they will recover, a warning to all on here, get the complaints in to OFT-FCA if you've had issues, don't sit back as they are getting away with taking court action, yet they flout a lot of laws and regs.
  10. So, whilst I can't share external links here, if you noticed in the news that certain major debt collection company announces figures, and payout and estimate they will recover large percentage of debts they bought.........you really need to be signing petition. I know many of you feel it will fail, but unless 100,000 of you DO sign, we don't know for sure. It is a major ask but there should really be enough 'victims' of all the debt collection companies to reach that number. One thing you might concur is that there will likely be an increase in court action or bankruptcy, as they brag of taking on more types of debts and it is mighty unpleasant for those that are being harassed or being put through court. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/60324
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