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  1. No rate was agreed - as the ethos was "You will get back what you put in" Thanks for replying though, any ideas where I can get this discussed if here isn't appropriate?
  2. I'm a coder. I setup a Ltd company with some guys earlier thiis year. I tried my hardest, and I mean that. Did all the coding for new products we were going to launch and coded websites for clients. Lots and lots of work. The guys never did anything in comparison. No shares were ever issued to me (the others yes - for convenience aparently!) and wasn't made a director till later on this year, which I resigned from a month ago due to being completely ignored and not having a say in the running of the company (an omen no doubt!). So not a shareholder or a director or an emmployee... I was paid personallly for consultancy but that figure is way less than what would reasonably be expected - less than min wage for all the hours. I've been trying to get them to do something but to no avail. Seems like they were best mates when I was doing all the work but now it's done and they haven't done anything or even tried to sell they seem to want me out. They now want all the code! My code that I spent thousands of hours on and haven't even got 20% of the cost back. That doesn't seem fair to me. Where do I stand with this? Advice greatly appreciated... Harry
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