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  1. Hi Andy, Thanks. I haven't as yet heard from the DC, I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row so to speak before they make contact, but is that the best thing to do, ignore them? It's taken me 10 years to pay off all my debts and I don't think I have it in me to go through another battle
  2. Afternoon, After many years I was debt free, however I work in a vets and like all the staff had an account that was paid in monthly instalments. The company was then sold and the previous Owner (who I still work with) is chasing me hard for his money, and fair enough, however I can't afford the payment schedule he has proposed and I have offered what I can afford and have started payments with that. He has refused my offer and is now sending me to a debt collector even though I haven't refused to pay the account. I have requested from him an invoice, copy of my contract with him
  3. Thank you. As yet I don't have much information as I was completely unaware of it until my landlords phoned (Housing association). THe girl I spoke to said they are chasing them for the money! I intend to fight it, I had run ins with them 10 years ago when they stopped paying my HB, didn't inform me or my landlords leaving me £600+ in rent arrears. I went to Parlimentary ombudsmen on the grounds of maladministration and lo and behold the council backed down and paid all my rent arrears I will insisit on all paperwork from 10/12 years ago being made avaliable to me as I don't
  4. I've just received a phone call from my landlord advising me they have just received a letter from my local council asking for a £300 overpayment of housing benefit to be paid back. According to the letter (that I haven't seen yet) this goes back to 2002/3, I haven't claimed HB in at least 8 years as I went back to work full time. Apparently the council can chase my landlords for the debt as it was paid directly to them, which obviously places me in a difficult situation, I haven't as I type this had a letter from the council. Does the statute of limitations apply to local councils
  5. Once again I'm indebted to you guys thank you so much. One letter to Cabot will be fired off tomorrow!
  6. Hi Casper, Thank you that link looks right to me with my limited knowledge. Thanks for taking the time to get back to me
  7. Hi Everyone, An update about this thread: After placing my account in dispute as they failed to send me a CCA I heard nothing more from Vanquis. Last week I had a letter arrive from Cabot saying they had bought the debt from Vanquis, today when I got home from work I found a card addressed to me (Hand delivered) asking me to call or text a mobile for a call back. It doesn't say anywhere on the card who or where it's from. So can Vanquis sell my debt whilst it is in dispute? If it turns it this card belongs to a door step collector where do I stand or what do I do next? Than
  8. My mum isn't computer savvy so I'm writing this on her behalf. My parents have a couple of unsecured loans and an overdraft with Santander totalling about £14,000. These are always been paid, but unfortunatley my dad (an HGV Driver) had his hours cut to basic pay on Christmas Eve!!!, it was either this or redundancy with an appaling package so he chose the lesser of two evils as he's 64 this year. Mum & Dad are NOT in debt yet but mum is worrying herself sick that without doubt they soon will be. At this stage Santander have been less than helpful when mum has phoned, she
  9. Thanks Kitten1 It does get me down in all honesty, the last letter I had from them was to say if I paid now they would discount it to £250, which was my original debt not the £650 I owe now! The worst of it is that I've never denied I owe the money because I do but can NOT afford the payments they are demanding and they wouldn't accept my offer. I can only bang my head against a brick wall and get upset so many times, thank God I found this forum it's been a life saver, so whenever it gets on top of me I come here and flick through the posts and it makes me smile again.
  10. Afternoon, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Today, I finally received my CCA from Vanquis but once again I'm confused. All it is, is "Vanquis Credit Card Agreement and full terms" It quite literally is a copy of their terms & conditions, there is nothing with my name, address, DOB, date of agreement anywhere on it. Is this the correct thing they have sent out? I was expecting some sort of agreement between us with my name etc on it not just terms & conditions. So where do I go from here? Thanks
  11. OK letter of account in dispute will be winging it's way to them tomorrow, thanks again everyone for your help
  12. Morning on this very chilly and white day! It's now been 17 days since I sent in my CCA request to 1st credit (who then passed it to Vanquis), I hve heard nothing. Should I now send in the account in dispute letter? If so who to? Or in the spirit of belt and braces should I send it to both 1st credit and vanquis? Thanks
  13. Thanks. All the letter says is: "your details have been passed to 1st credit limited to recover the outstanding debt, please contact them directly on ...... with any queries" It sounds to me like they have been instructed to chase
  14. Good Evening, Still no CCA yet, BUT, vanquis (the orginial debt) sent me another bill today with more charges on it, plus a little note saying it had been passed to 1st credit. Is it right that they continue to bill me AND add more to the bill when they've already passed over to a DCA?
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