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  1. Yes email dx100uk I’ve informed them I will pass on the address once I have it
  2. So ignore ADCB emails now, when I rent somewhere do I provide them the details of the new address? I’ve not given them my in-laws address for obvious reasons it’s nothing to do with them ?
  3. So ignore emails from ADCB now ? I told them they will have to contact me by email and it will have to go to UK courts I forgot to add I originally messaged them via their website which I still have access to . Was this Ok ?
  4. Dx100k. Still trying to get a rented house at the in-laws at the moment I’m in Scotland
  5. Ok I have now been getting emails from ADCB and informed them of what happened as regards my job, I did write to them when I returned but got the runaround so I’ve again told them my circumstances and to contact me via email. What will be the next steps as I cannot pay the outstanding balance to them ?
  6. Ok Guys now returned to Scotland what should I do now ??
  7. its happening being made redundant , final payment going to bank end of July but company cancelling my visa end of June, worried about travelling with visa cancellation is this ok ?
  8. Thanks Guys will keep you updated ! I hope to find an alternative job here but the market is down thanks for the advice and if I do leave no doubt I’ll be back in touch , appreciate it
  9. ok great thanks the sum is over 70k GBP so I expect them to get in touch although unsecured ,
  10. OK thanks the calling to a work address is a bit alarming , should i give a telephone number or strictly leave to emails and letters ??
  11. so let the bank know my address in the Uk ? CAG ?
  12. Im a bit confused ? I've read the forums etc.. seen a lot of harassment , courts orders and very confused and worried about what to do
  13. really ? I'm just wondering what the will do if i return?
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