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  1. Had perfect signal when I lived at the same address which was just over a year ago. Also when I go on their coverage checker and type in the postcode it states that coverage is excellent !! Luckily I have a land line at my new address didn't think i would still need to rely on one in 2011 ! Going to make an official complaint in writing.
  2. Went into the Folkestone Orange store on 20/09/2011 explained that i could not get a signal where ii was moving to which is in Hythe a neighbouring town (not exactly in the middle of nowhere) I asked that if there is no service could I come out of the contract? The member of staff I spoke to said "its not orange's fault you've decided to move house." I said that I would cancel the DD at the bank, he then said that I would be listed with a credit reference agency if I do this. Think that this is a disgusting way to treat and speak to customers i was very shocked.
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