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  1. Here is a good link to save if you are looking for anything ... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/consumer-forums-website-questions/53182-cant-find-what-youre.html
  2. If they have paid your claim in full less the £36 court fee - I would personally write to them tactically accepting the settlement but reminding them that they have obviously overlooked refunding your court fee. I would state in my letter that I would be happy to accept the amount of £243 in settlement which includes said fee. Why let them off - they're obviously trying it on to see if u notice I reckon JMHO!
  3. The OP is saying that the other court is also local (ish) so I can't see this as being a problem .....
  4. How Courteous!! I can't believe they didn't have the decency to write to you - I would have been most annoyed if I'd arranged time of work & child care to attend court - If it were me I would be tempted to write to the judge to 'air' my dismay!
  5. You can file your claim at whatever court you like - it's your claim! Good Luck
  6. That's all well & good them sating that but it's wrong for them to stay cases which shouldn't be ... I've had one stayed for a c/card claim after the bank requested it & they are not covered either! I've written to the court advising this & have had the same reply that I can apply to have it lifted & the usual fees apply! Why should we pay when it shouldn't be stayed in the first place - the banks are abusing this order & I for one will be making a complaint to the relevant authorities about it. Thing is - i'm sure the fee for the stay being lifted is not claimable back from the banks either - Mine's not a big claim so looks like I'm stuck with the stay for now as i really don't wanna be throwing any more money at it - especially money I won't get back! Rant over!
  7. Just wanna add that I won't be signing either for the reasons already pointed out on this thread. (I have signed others) Excellent post Tanz btw - I think it more or less sums this up
  8. From what you have typed it just means you have received notification that the bank are going to defend your claim - they should send a copy of their defence too Credit card claims should not be stayed but if they are yhou will receive notification of this. if this does happen you should write to the court & explain the waiver does not apply to c/cards. hope this answers your Q?
  9. Prob a bit late to reply to this now ... dunno how I missed it before! I have only claimed referral charges, unpaid items fees etc - no royalties at all - they didnt send any details as to how they had made their calculations tho so nowt to compare against! Telling me to contact Sandy again about what they are not paying has just given me an idea how to approach my letter advising them that I still want this claim leaving open & on hold till the test case is decided tho so thanks!
  10. If yours is a credit card claim you need to dispute this as they should not be affected by the stay! Write to the bank - the court to advise/remind them of this & compalin to the FOS & OFT that the banks are abusing the waiver!
  11. It's ok matey - that Q was before I realised the main page works but none of the links .... I've tried e-mailing vamps but it appears her e-mail addy is now closed too - Still no answer on the spreadies from anyone either? Dunno what else to suggest here if I'm honest!
  12. PMSL ... glad u got there in the end .. shall I explain PMSL?
  13. No it's before the hearing which should have been early next month - I had an offer from YB for charges only which I refused then they wrote saying they were requesting a stay to which I replied objecting & clearly pointing out that the stay does not apply to c/cards. the next day the order arrived from court! I've now written to the court objecting & saying that the request should not be honoured as it does not apply ... As I said - the banks are abusing this but the annoying thing is that lots of folk will just take their word for it & have there claims delayed when they no no beter IYKWIM?
  14. I've had notification of a stay on my c/card claim with YBank after they requested one - I've written to them & the court & am also going to complain to OFT & FOS as the banks are obviously abusing the system!
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