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  1. I am in same shoes with you right now, panic with sleepless night, I know the letter for summon is coming based on what i read so far in this forum. I am trying hard to write the letter to TFL and beg them to consider not prosecute further. Do you mind to PM your letter as well to me, silly even though the case is from different company. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks, I will try my best... no matter what, it is a headache...sometimes occasional misjudging is as bad.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I got caught using my flatmate's student card on my way to work. I have no excuses as others in terms of "intentionally" or " unintentionally" as I didn't have another oyster card with me. The situation was I lost my PAYG card the night before as i normally take bus to work , knowing I have another one in the office, when my flatmate being nice and offered me to use her oyster card just for one-off use, I accepted without a second thought. Sure you know, I was just that unlucky, they took all my details and told me as long as I plea guilty, i will be fine and supposed to pay penalty. This weekend I received the letter from London Underground prosecution team. I was just wondering whether i should just ignore the letter at this stage knowing my reply will be ignored any way and just wait for the court summon at this time or still go through the normal routine, write and beg to settle out of court. Any advice is appreciated and I promise to get back to the forum for outcome at later stage.
  4. Can you give more detail about the procedure and what you have written to TFL? Thanks.
  5. Hi, Rosa 2009, It has been a long time after your incident. Have you settled the case yet? what was the conclusion? Thanks.
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